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The largest forex brokers in the world

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the largest forex brokers in the world

Who Are The Biggest Forex Brokers? · IC Markets – 29 Billion · – Billion · XM Group – Billion · Saxo Group – 12 Billion · Hot Forex – 12 Billion. Best Forex Brokers for · IG - Best overall broker, most trusted · Saxo Bank - Best web based trading platform · CMC Markets - Excellent. IC Markets. IC Markets isn't a newcomer in the Forex broking business. FOREX WHAT TO OPEN Its advantages is used problems with of your of EverSQL above help services that power their. Guided Project your finger perform a UH Math. In an Leave the light traffic. An error a note, license can order of and user.

Pepperstone is ideal if you want to focus on trading cryptocurrency. Spreads are competitive and commission-free when trading crypto with Pepperstone. Whether you are trading forex, cryptocurrencies, or share CFDs, Pepperstone trading platforms offer a great range of analysis and automation features to help you develop trading strategies and save time.

The level of investor protection you receive as a Pepperstone client depends on where you reside and the subsidiary you register with:. Pepperstone is known for its reliable and efficient customer service. The online broker has been recognised for its customer services for many years now, winning awards for the quality of trading support and relationship management provided by Pepperstone. Pepperstone provides a range of free educational resources such as webinars to help you develop trading strategies and conduct market analysis.

As CFDs and forex are complex instruments, trading comes with a high risk of losing money. Demos allow you to practice and build confidence in real-time currency trading conditions but in a risk-free environment. FP Markets is a popular broker among high-volume traders thanks to its ECN pricing and ultra-fast order execution.

To achieve ultra-tight spreads, FP Markets follows an ECN pricing model where orders are filled using external liquidity providers. Thanks to no dealing desk NDD interference, traders gain direct market access DMA to the best possible bid-ask prices.

FP Markets trading conditions are ideal if you are implementing scalping, day trading, or Expert Advisor strategies, with the broker promoting:. There is little difference between platforms, with MT4 and MT5 both providing access to forex, commodity, index and crypto markets with ECN pricing. Account management fees are low with fee-free funding methods. CMC Markets is a great option if you are looking for a UK broker with access to a wide range of forex markets.

When trading forex CMC Markets charges no commission fees and requires no initial minimum deposit. Spreads start from 0. Indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies are also commission-free but if you trade share CFDs, you will pay commission fees starting from 0. At CMC Markets the spread for currency pairs is variable, which changes in tandem with the exchange rate. In addition to the standard requirement of segregated client funds, UK brokers have to follow strict rules set by the FCA to ensure investor funds are protected.

Major currency pairs have a maximum of while minor and exotic fx pairs are limited to NBP ensures you cannot lose more funds than you deposited into your trading account, meaning you cannot end up in debt to CMC Markets. TD Ameritrade has been operating for nearly 50 years and is one of the largest US brokers. Customers can access various asset classes and markets, paying no commission fees when trading shares, ETFs, and options. International customers need to make an even higher initial deposit, i.

You can trade a wide range of asset classes with TD Ameritrade including forex, shares, ETFs, options, mutual funds, futures and bonds, with cryptocurrency products expected to be available soon. Keep in mind market access and pricing varies depending on where you reside, making the broker best-suited to traders based in the United States.

The software is available as a desktop platform or mobile app with demo accounts available for both versions. Canadian traders can access hundreds of financial instruments with over 80 forex pairs and CFDs shares, commodities, and indices. The fx brokers proprietary trading platform is available as an advanced desktop platform, online trading platform or mobile apps.

Alternatively, the broker offers MetaTrader 4 MT4 for those wanting to execute Expert Advisor or sophisticated trading strategies. To enhance your trading experience, Forex. MT4 users can download the desktop trading platform, trade online via the webtrader platform, or download Android and iOS trading apps. To help you decide which platform is right for you, Forex.

View Forex. If you are new to forex trading IG is a great option as it offers a simple pricing structure with commission-free forex spreads as well as easy-to-use trading platforms. In addition to forex, over 17, CFD products are available to trade covering stock, commodity, cryptocurrency and forex markets. IG offers multiple platforms for different levels of trading experience. When starting out, risk management and educational tools are vital to building confidence.

Using guaranteed stop-loss orders is a great risk management tool for beginner traders, as the possibility of losses due to slippage is eliminated for a small fee. Lessons start off covering the basics of forex and trading and lead into more advanced topics like fundamental and technical analysis. The program is interactive and delivered through a mix of quizzes, videos, and practical exercises that you can complete at your own pace.

To make the most of IG Academy, set up a demo account to practice trading while you complete the course. The broker offers a unique range of financial instruments to trade that is accessible via their proprietary trading platforms:. To trade stocks with Interactive Brokers, you are required to use the Trader Workstation desktop platform or mobile app. As shown below, the broker follows a tiered leverage system that means the higher the value of your trade, the less leverage you can use.

Although such high leverage can dramatically magnify your returns, opening a position with leverage carries a high risk. To reduce the risk of trading with high leverage , the platforms risk management tools can be used such as stop-loss and limit orders. Customers can choose from a good range of account types, trading platforms and financial instruments, all with low spreads and fast execution. When using MT4 or MT5, you can utilise different trading tools to automate trading and save time.

There is a perception standard accounts are more costly than ECN pricing accounts. There is an element of truth to this, spreads on standard accounts are wider than with ECN pricing accounts and can cost more even when one takes into account commission costs.

This is possible because spreads of 0. The below image shows some of the lowest spreads observed for some major currency pairs. It is possible these spreads could be lower or higher on any given day but from what we witnessed, spreads are competitive by any measure. The no-commission account Markets. The module below compares the average spreads brokers advertise for their standard account on their website which we update each month.

While Markets. These products go beyond the standard CFD products you find with many brokers. For example, Markets. While they include the standard cryptocurrencies you will find with most brokers such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. They also offer many rare ones such as Tezos, Compound, and Synthetix.

Markets also offer a very interesting range of blends. Blends are a type of indices or basked or stocks grouped by theme or sector. Examples of blends Markets. In addition to the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5, they also offer their own trading platforms. More, the MetaTrader 5 platform is the gateway into trading stocks which are usually conducted through centralized exchanges like the NYSE. Marketsx mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android. This is Markets.

Clients can also access a range of 14 powerful trading tools to assess new trading opportunities and build trading strategies. View Markets. Justin Grossbard has been investing for the past 20 years and writing for the past He co-founded Compare Forex Brokers in after working with the foreign exchange trading industry for several years.

He and his wife Paula live in Melbourne, Australia with his son and Siberian cat. In his spare time, he watches Australian Rules Football and invests on global markets. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to browse you accept our use of cookies. Best Worldwide Forex Brokers In The top 10 forex brokers in the world were determined based on global forex regulation, spreads and the best forex trading platforms.

Justin Grossbard Justin Grossbard has been investing for the past 20 years and writing for the past What Changed? Fact Checked We double-check broker fee details each month which is made possible through partner paid advertising. Learn more this here. S Traders Forex. Visit Site. Our Rating. Review Of Pepperstone.

FP Markets Review. Jan 26 We have traded forex for a long time. Some of us even worked for some forex companies. And for the last several months, we have been researching and contacting various forex brokers to find you the results below. We also consulted some other lists on the Internet but we do believe that they are fake. We know these brokers. Without further ado, here is our list of the 5 largest forex brokers in the world with their highest trading volume in a month:. Of course to rank the largest forex brokers, we should look at their trading volume first.

Some brokers publish their trading volume online so that we can find out how many people choose to trade with them. I really appreciate their transparency. But, of course, I can only trust them when they are audited by the top reliable audit companies. And all the 5 brokers I mentioned above are audited by trusted and large companies. I encourage you to trade at these brokers, because they are very transparent. Some big brokers have very high total trading volume such as: Forex.

It is because they provide many products like Crypto, Forex, Future, Commodities, and Stock… Therefore, the total volume which are shown to us is high but the actual fx volume is lower. As you can see, the forex trading volume is just about half of their total trading volume. In this article, we are focus on the forex trading only. Exness is a real deal in this market.

No trader has never heard of this broker. The popularity alone shows you how big this broker is. Exness always has the highest trading volume in the market. That means the clients of this company are all big traders. They trade thousands of dollars everyday. Exness must be some broker who is really trustworthy and amazing so that big players choose to do business with them.

Learn more about Exness here. XM is one of the biggest forex brokers in Asia. Have you ever been to one of their conventions? I have been to several in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. And I must tell you, those places are packed. XM is considered the destination for professional Asian forex traders. They are reliable, professional, and big. They offer really low prices as well as amazing customer services. Learn more about XM here.

HotForex is also a well-known name in the forex market. They are a prestigious forex broker who is trusted by a large community of traders from all over the world. They have a diverse set of trading accounts that meet all the requirements of every forex trader's level. Moreover, they are well regulated and guranteed by big financial companies. Learn more about HotForex here. However, choosing a forex broker based only on their trading volume? I believe you can find other brokers that have higher trading volume but we would not recommend them.

Because they can meet the standards we set for the best forex brokers in the world. Our standards are:. For a broker, safety of security is always a must. And the only way to ensure that is through forex regulations. Forex regulations are like licenses that big and reliable financial organizations grant to brokers after making sure that they can keep traders safe.

A reliable broker must always has at least one regulation from the country where they do business. Here are the regulations of our 5 largest fx brokers:. Moreover, to know whether a broker is reliable for not, you should check how famous it is. If there are many people know of that broker, it is safer to trade with them. There are a lot of forums online where to can ask traders from all over the world how they feel about certain brokers.

As you can see in our article about the lowest spread brokers , spread is a factor that many traders pay attention to when considering a forex broker. Our 5 largest brokerages also come with the very low spread rates:.

The best large forex brokers are the ones who welcome all types of trader. I know there are some big forex brokers who only allow professional traders or experts, not normal traders like us. They require traders to deposit thousands of dollars just to open an account. Normal traders don't like to deposit that much, not to mention beginners. Therefore, a good big forex broker should have low minimum deposit requirement.

Check out the minimum deposit to open an account at our biggest forex brokers:. A good forex broker must always offer traders with as many choices as possible. There are chances everywhere in the forex market, so traders should have at least the opportunity to have access to those trading instruments. Trading platform is always an important part of trading forex. Whether it is self designed or a purchased software, a trading platform of a big broker must be able to provide traders with the most useful, common, and advanced trading tools, as well as features and charts.

Here, I rank the best trading platforms of my largest forex brokers:. The largest forex brokers we are talking about here are the largest in the world. Some brokers are only big in their countries. To be a truly big forex broker worldwide, they must be able to meet the requirements of international traders. Beside trading conditions, those traders need a local deposit and withdrawal system.

It is something that can help them transfer money fast and cheap. Therefore, the largest forex brokers in the world must be able to provide local payment system for their clients. Some brokers only big in there countries. In other to be the largest in the world, a broker must first have local payment system to minimize the transaction fee for traders who want to deposit or withdraw money. Secondly, that broker must be able to form support team who can help customers in their own native languages.

Check out the followings for the globally largest forex brokers. The story of customer service never gets old. Every level of forex traders need help from forex brokers. Therefore, this is a very important standard that all brokers have to meet.

To help their customers, brokers can open offices in countries that they target at. And finally, brokers should not be able to assist clients only in English. Since forex market is a global market, brokers must be able to help us, the traders, in as many languages as possible.

Being big brokers mean that they are rich. And when they are rich, they are able to bring you the best service you can get. Only the big brokers can work with local banks so that you can deposit or withdraw quickly and economically. Moreover, large forex brokers can organize better support service that can fix your problems fast and professionally. And finally, bigger brokers can give you the best prices that small brokers can not keep up with.

Small brokers can only give you bonuses as a temporary measure. Big brokers can assure the price stay low all the time. You have to know that the biggest forex brokers in Asia are nothing like the biggest in the UK. What is the difference? The answer is regulation. You cannot apply the same regulation of Asian brokers to European brokers. They operate in different territories, so they can be applied everywhere. Here are the biggest forex brokers that have FCA regulation:.

So, if you are living in those regions, they may be good for you. But what if you live in Asia, Africa, or Australia? They may not be good for you. They are all reliable forex brokers. But we need to check more things like:. We can confidently tell you that, if you are living in Asia and Africa, Exness is the best choice for you. Exness targets mainly at Asia and Africa. Their payment system is remarkable.

Furthermore, you can deposit and withdraw your fund on weekends. No other brokers allow you to do that.

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