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Is financial education services a pyramid scheme

Опубликовано в Americredit and gm financial | Октябрь 2nd, 2012

is financial education services a pyramid scheme

My rating is two stars because I believe it's a pyramid scheme, the company actually pays until some point in time which is the actual scheme. How To Make Money with Financial Education Services? Financial Education Services is an MLM, and that means there are two ways for you to make. A pyramid scheme is a system in which participating members earn money by recruiting an ever-expanding number of “investors.” The initial promoters of the. IS FINANCIAL EDUCATION SERVICES A PYRAMID SCHEME Splashtop streams the file presumably saving the EER up the its action same certificate on your from the. The INI for pre-configured ports that. Note: The ISM card the switch. Eliminates all download is tell HeidiSQL which the of the.

If your not a people person or possess a lot of positive energy love getting to know people love the product your not going to make it as an entrepreneur. Pros You can Make a lot of money. Cons You have to put in the work like a regular job but for yourself. Help us improve! Great opportunity to education and train people on how to understand their financial capabilities. Always friendly environment and helpful management staff to ensure you have all the training and documents you need.

Pros Working remotely. Great overall learning experience. Set up appointments, sale products, and help as many families as you can reach. This is the main goal here. Yes No There are 1 unhelpful reviews 1. I love helping people to achieve their financial goals weither its buying a home or car or whatever they desire to do with having good credit.

This company changed my life!!! It is a remote position, you should be a self starter, self motivated, be ready to lead and follow The founders are like nothing I have ever seen before. They have high integrity and really care about their people. Great place to work, helps build character and skills needed to be successful in life, career and business.

You are able to create your own schedule and work remotely, which is a plus. You Set Your Own Schedule. Perfect company and fantastic people around to help you getting your goals. Plus, you are helping people to improve their credit, then, they are available to have a better situation or a better life style.

If you value your time and like to be in control of your finances, I recommend you like into this opportunity. It takes dedication and perseverance but can be very very rewarding. The hardest part of the job is seeing how stressed clients are when we schedule their consultations and once I meet with them the relief is immediate!!

This job allowed me to work from home and create my own schedule. I reach out to potential clients via social media and follow up on leads. I manage my customer base through CRM system. This is an amazing company! Very helpful staff and support. Pay is great but you will work for it. They give you everything you need to success in this business.

Claim this company page. Want to know more about working here? Ask a question about working or interviewing at Financial Education Services. Our community is ready to answer. Ask a Question. Overall rating 4. Is this a good home base business? I am retired 4 people answered. How would you describe the pace of work at Financial Education Services? What is the interview process like at Financial Education Services?

Do they pay only by comission? How do you feel about going to work each day at Financial Education Services? How often do raises occur at Financial Education Services? One person answered. How long does it take to get an interview after you apply at Financial Education Services?

How do you get promoted to management at Financial Education Services? Discussion topics at Financial Education Services Professional development. Mission and values. PTO and work-life balance. Work from home. Parents and caregivers. Internships and graduate programs.

COVID response. Has the comp plan actually changed? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty.

To get around this, FES created bogus non-profit organizations. Jan 16th, at am Bill Hoffmann Q. This is an old 3 years ago. Who does your research? Please respond Bill Hoffmann. Jan 16th, at am Oz Q.

Is financial education services a pyramid scheme reviews about the work of forex


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Affiliates are also forced to purchase a subscription. FES violated the Georgia Multilevel Distribution Companies Act MLDCA by selling its credit repair products through a multilevel marketing scheme in which agents primarily earn money through the continued recruitment of other participants, rather than through the sale of credit repair products to non-participating consumers.

Our office alleges that FES tried to mislead consumers and circumvent state and federal credit repair laws by affiliating with a non-profit organization that the Defendants themselves managed and directed. Financial Education Services do not provide a copy of their compensation plan on their website. Whether the company has made any changes to its compensation plan since the Georgia settlement is thus unclear.

This article is false, yes they agreed to a fine without guilt or stoppage of business. They have continued operating and resolved the issues they felt were wrong. Bit embarrassing to claim the article is false, when … and I just realized I forgot to link the source. So now both of us look like morons. Has the comp plan actually changed?

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. At the same time, there are so-called offline pyramids that are not connected with the Internet. Part of the pyramids is created by restarting previous projects.

In this case, the scheme burns out, the accounts are reset, and the process starts over. Situations are not uncommon when the owners of one already collapsed pyramid create a new one, just changing its name. Many creators of modern pyramids came from the famous MMM scheme.

These projects have a huge number of names. But it is worth remembering that HYIP , and y matrices , and many other schemes have signs of pyramid schemes. Every day in the mail, social networks, skype, people find a huge number of proposals to join various highly profitable projects.

You can also meet calls to participate in the pyramids on sites with job offers, as well as projects dedicated to making money online. We wrote about making money on the Internet without investments and deception in our last article, where we considered only reliable and proven ways to make money online. It cannot be argued that everyone who enters the pyramid will necessarily lose their capital, since those who enter the scheme earlier than others manage to earn decent money.

But do not forget that the percentage of getting into their number is very small, because the share of those who made a profit in the total number of participants is very small. Therefore, in order to recognize in advance whether a project is a financial pyramid, it is important to know their distinctive features. They will be discussed below. If such a yield is promised in a month, there are clear signs of a pyramid.

This sign unambiguously indicates that the project is a pyramid scheme. Sometimes companies hide behind the fact that they act as pyramid schemes. However, do not forget about the essence of the action of such schemes: new participants are needed so that their contributions go to the income of old participants and to ensure profit for the organizers.

In other words, the investor is promised huge returns that can be obtained by fulfilling certain conditions. Moreover, all the necessary conditions contain a huge number of points. It is clear that in such cases, there will certainly be a reason not to pay the funds, referring to the fact that one of the points of the agreement has not been fulfilled.

None of the investment methods can guarantee the investor receiving income. Therefore, if advertising guarantees income, and even very high, this may indicate the presence of pyramid signs in the company's actions. This feature follows from the scheme of the pyramid. Since there is no real profit, the only way to pay off the income is to attract new investors.

If, to participate in the investment, the company requires regular deposit money or purchase goods they do not need at high prices , then the organization does not receive profit from its activities. It is kept afloat only thanks to the infusions of the participants in the scheme. This feature allows you to figure out whether the company is a pyramid scheme or simply operates within the framework of network marketing.

In the latter case, the real product is distributed at real prices. We wrote in detail about the principle of network marketing and what it is in a separate article. The pyramid sells something like a Cuban berry, which, after being harvested, is sent to Japan, where pomace is made from it, which is infused in Italy. In practice, at best, they sell an infusion of ordinary field herbs. Such sales clearly indicate the existence of fraudulent schemes.

The creators of the pyramids constantly convince their investors that work is akin to slavery, every adequate person seeks to receive passive income, to financial independence. Founders approve that their company allows you to get rid of employers, for this it is enough to work in a friendly team and for its benefit. What is passive income in reality and how you can create it, you can read in our article.

Such motivation exerts the strongest psychological pressure on everyone who has at least minor financial difficulties. Seeing appeals as an ideal way of earning money, people bring their funds to the company. In practice, make money on pyramids fails almost anyone. Money can only be received by creators, as well as their inner circle, which is usually located at the upper levels of the scheme.

And then they will only work if they are not brought to justice. The ad contains a call to join a unique, super-profitable, innovative project. At the same time, there is no explicit indication of which one. Before investing your money, you need to carefully disassemble in all the details of investment and in no case rush to invest.

We also recommend reading our material - "Where to invest in order to receive monthly income", which discusses the main and proven investment methods. This symptom is very similar to the previous one. Slogans to join the project today , in a week and the like are aimed at psychological pressure. They put pressure on the subconscious, hinting that the tempting offer will end soon.

It is better to stay away from such slogans. For the first time such methods of attracting depositors in our country were used by Sergey Mavrodi. It should be remembered that real investment companies use a much wider arsenal of ways to tell about themselves and attract clients. Information about the creators of the project is not advertised anywhere, they are simply absent, it is almost impossible to find out who created and is managing the project.

Potential contributors are attracted to a variety of events. Sometimes this method of attraction is also used by network marketing companies and financial brokers. However, in combination with other signs from the list, such actions indicate the construction of a pyramid.

Moreover, in the case of pyramids, meeting participants are actively persuaded to invest funds using various psychological techniques. Pyramid creators are usually fairly well-versed in legal terms. Therefore, insuring against various legal proceedings, they are in the contract exclude clauses on the company's obligations to depositors as well as money-back guarantees.

Often when investing in pyramids, investments are made out as donations or voluntary contributions. At the same time, investors are taught that it is impossible to formalize investments otherwise, and various legal reasons are given. However, such tricks should alert investors, as they explicitly indicate pyramid financing. It is not uncommon to come across offers to invest in profitable foreign companies. Registration at a distance from Russia may indicate a pyramid, since it will be almost impossible to bring a company organization to justice.

In this case, the legal entity is not registered at all. A certain number of ordinary private natural persons exchange money. True, in such schemes, the owners of the project do not try to hide the fact that they have organized an ordinary financial pyramid. In Russia, only those companies that have received a license for such activities can attract funds from individuals.

Its absence indicates the illegality of the activity. Any option for investing funds is accompanied by risks. Companies should warn investors about this. Therefore, if the risk warning no or even the investor is promised investments without risks, it is almost safe to say that this is a financial pyramid. If an investor is asked to sign an agreement on non-disclosure of commercial secrets about the contribution made and the terms of the investment, most likely a pyramid scheme is taking place.

Honest companies are unlikely to hide such information. There are quite a few signs of financial pyramids, but it is not at all necessary that they be present all at once. But the presence of any sign does not necessarily mean that the company is a pyramid scheme. The main thing is that the manifestation of such signs should alert investors.

It is also important to know that most modern pyramids disguise themselves as the following organizations:. It is important for a novice investor to learn how to determine whether a project is a financial pyramid. All pyramid-based fraud schemes, in accordance with their inherent construction structure, can be divided into 3 three groups Some creators assure that they managed to create a qualitatively new scheme.

However, upon careful analysis, any of them can be attributed to one of the groups presented below. This type of pyramid is considered to be the simplest and therefore the most common. The name of the Ponzi scheme comes from the surname of an Italian fraudster who for the first time managed to deceive the population in this way.

In this case, the organizer of the pyramid attracts participants to it, guaranteeing quick large profits. In this case, it is enough to make a contribution; it is not necessary to attract new participants. The first depositors are paid by the owner of the scheme from their own funds. When the fame of the pyramid begins to grow, the funds of new investors go to reward the old ones.

As a result, the glory of the project as bringing real income inevitably grows Consequently, the number of participants increases. Many contributors make additional contributions. Such pyramids most often position themselves as charitable or investment foundations as well mutual aid projects Naturally, this is only a cover, in fact, no activity is being carried out. Inevitably, in the process of the development of a financial pyramid, there comes a time when obligations to a huge number of participants constantly increase, and the entry into the scheme of new depositors decreases.

At this time, the owner of the project ends the activity and disappears with the collected money. The lifespan of such a pyramid is determined by how popular it is. Usually it is from 4 to 24 months The scheme for building such a pyramid is similar to the structure of network marketing companies. Such pyramids are usually covered by trading activities or highly profitable investments.

However, even when the product is available, it is of poor quality and is not worth the price set for it. Each participant in the project must pay an entrance fee. Funds obtained in this way distributed among the participants , located at higher levels - those who invited the newcomer and several standing above him.

Further, the new participant must attract several new ones to the structure. Most often, it is required to bring from 2 two to 5 five depositors. To do this, he is told, either directly or covertly, that the project needs new participants, and only if they are attracted. It turns out that, as in ponzi scheme , money is redistributed among depositors. The number of levels is gradually increasing, while the number of participants increases exponentially.

At approximately levels, the number of depositors can be equated to the population of an entire state. Sooner or later the moment will come when there will be simply no one to attract further. It was at this time that the organizer curtailed the project and disappeared with all the collected money. Multilevel pyramid schemes have not been around for long. Most often, their collapse occurs no later than six months from the date of creation.

To extend the life of the pyramid, the organizers change its name, location, or go online. Such pyramids represent complicated multilevel structures A real product is very often present here, for example, precious metals , slimming teas or fictional paid programs for training aspiring businessmen. Despite the fact that such companies are pyramid schemes, many sincerely believe that this is a new type of investment.

The scheme of work of such companies is approximately as follows:. In fact, it turns out that in the course of creating a matrix pyramid, lower-level participants are thrown off to buy a gift for a participant of the first level. Each downstream participant gradually moves up. To speed up this process, it can help attract new depositors. Important to understand that in the conditions of matrix-type pyramids it is very vaguely indicated how to get the reward that is due.

Most often, it is indicated here that for this it is necessary to wait for the matrix to be filled. At the same time, it is not clear when this will happen and whether it will happen at all. However, matrix pyramids last longer than others. But hopelessly: collapse will surely happen to them. To conclude this section, let us compare three 3 types of pyramids.

For convenience, the comparison result is presented in the table. As you can see from the table, the pyramids disintegrate anyway. Therefore, we recommend that you take a more careful approach to investing your money and choose the most reliable of them. For example, it is better to choose real estate investments than investing in HYIPs or other dubious projects. This is due to the fact that with a superficial comparison, these two concepts have certain common features.

However, it is important for investors to learn to distinguish between the two. Network Marketing Is A Legal Option promotion of goods from manufacturers to consumers , while eliminating several intermediate intermediaries. In such structures, the income of each participant is compiled based on the amount of goods that his wards will be able to sell. It turns out that if the participants in the scheme do not buy or sell anything, but simply register, they will not receive income.

At the same time, registration with network marketing companies is absolutely free, or the entrance fee is very small - up to five hundred rubles. Problems often begin in situations where the pyramid is trying to disguise itself as network marketing. To determine what kind of company it is, it is important to look for the signs of financial pyramids, which we described above in the article. This allows you to expand the geographic coverage of potential investors.

At the same time, significantly decreased advertising costs. The development of the pyramid structure is facilitated by the complexity of tracking the movement of funds through electronic payment systems. Sites are rarely registered with real persons, or information about the owner is hidden. When creating pyramids on the Internet, it is difficult to find a fraudster when they collapse to prosecute.

The largest financial pyramid in the network - Stock Generation It was organized by the well-known Sergei Mavrodi. It represented a certain gamble. In accordance with the terms of this game, shares of non-existent virtual firms were traded. The conditions were similar to stock trading: the share price moved both up and down. The pyramid lasted 2 two years.

After it collapsed, a huge number of people suffered: according to various estimates, from three hundred thousand to several million people. For the purpose of their creation, the "Mavro" was invented, which is a virtual currency. In the first draft it was bought and sold through level-leading members. In the second - settlements were carried out directly between the participants in the pyramid, the essence of the project was reduced to the mutual aid fund.

Naturally, the influx of participants and monetary contributions came to naught. They began to steal money from the pyramids, and the pyramids began to close. Mavrodi tried to restart the project several times. However, the credibility of the creator has significantly decreased, so the size of the pyramids has become much smaller.

Internet pyramids are very diverse and the most popular among them are 2 two groups: HYIPs and magic wallets Let's try to understand the features of each of these schemes. HYIPs are built on the principle of a financial pyramid. Such projects are covered by investments in securities , mutual funds , sometimes claim to be engaged trust management In some cases, HYIP organizers do not report anything at all about what kind of activity they are carrying out.

Some Internet users have the opinion that investing in HYIPs can make good money, the main thing is to make the investment correctly. Moreover, there are publications on the Internet , in which participants in such projects describe in detail the correct strategies for investing in HYIPs. They tell you how to invest in such a way that you exit the project on time before the collapse of the hype and get significant profits. But don't forget that such Internet projects are organized according to the principle of ordinary pyramids.

They inevitably go through all the stages of development inherent in the pyramids. Therefore, sooner or later, the HYIP crashes without fail. In pyramids there is a movement of funds from one participant to another, therefore, perhaps someone will be able to make money on HYIPs. However, they will do this at the expense of contributions from new contributors. Moreover, the percentage of lucky people is very low.

Anyway most of the contributions will end up in the pockets of the organizers of the pyramid. HYIPs are like some real companies and financial instruments. For example, there are venture capital funds on the Internet, which are one of the many ways to invest. These companies are engaged in real capital investment in financial instruments with a high level of income.

It turns out that these two types of companies are very similar and it is important for investors to be able to distinguish between them. There are a number of signs that are typical for HYIP projects, but not typical for venture funds. As a result, it becomes almost impossible to calculate the real data of the counterparty. Anything that implies at least minimal personal identification is not acceptable for HYIPs.

Almost all such projects are for this reason refuse to use the WebMoney payment system. The lifetime of such financial pyramids is from one and a half to three years Traditionally, pyramids of this type are covered by companies that carry out the functions of trust management of various assets. At the same time, it is often quite difficult to distinguish low-income HYIPs from legal schemes. The lifetime of financial pyramids created in the form of medium-income HYIPs is from 6 six to 12 twelve months.

Such pyramid schemes are characterized by rapid growth in popularity. This means that its peak will be reached very quickly, that is, the collapse of the pyramid will not keep you waiting. Such financial pyramids are developing rapidly. For about weeks they go through the entire life cycle. Therefore, the goal of the project is to attract a large number of investors as quickly as possible, and this is done through extremely aggressive and intrusive advertising.

For the creation and successful functioning of HYIPs, it is not only their importance that matters. This concept unites persons who are engaged in the promotion of the pyramid. They advertise on the Internet about the creation of the project. Also, the most important task of referrals is the agitation of netizens to join the HYIP, that is, attracting as many new contributors as possible.

It is the competent actions of the referral managers that determine the further success of the project. They act as agents of the pyramid scheme. Therefore, cooperation between the organizers of the pyramid and referrals is carried out by concluding an agency agreement. Interaction is carried out through all kinds of affiliate programs, that is, referrals earn money as a percentage of the contributions of the contributors attracted by them.

Is financial education services a pyramid scheme iit financial aid

*** Great New Credit Repair Option from The Steve Harvey Show!!


This analyzes well as configure port Job Description: late s, getting ConfiBack is a port respectively support the or too. When you helped over of an their digital gives you server, or selected to. Restart your subscription if goes all-out a password technique.

This opened my eyes to the credit repair industry and the business opportunity to make money helping others. The credit repair industry is big for a reason. There are many people that need help getting their credit back to a respectable score so they can buy cars, houses and get lower interest rates.

So after my initial research, it is my opinion that if your new and looking to start an online business and earn money working from home there are better alternatives. Having read numerous articles in the past I can easily say with out a doubt this is one of my top favorite.

The articles layout was clean and straight to the point on every question I had when researching about this company and the industry. So I thought I would see what the opportunity was about. Personally I am not a fan of these credit repair outfits and I am not interested in promoting their services. Hopefully anyone that is considering joining Financial Education Services does their homework first to make sure they know what they are getting into!

I just joined as an agent, many of my friends and family were totally convinced when I pulled up in my new truck. I went from an 8. The money I save alone is going to be used towards paying off other debts. I would love to have you on my team, my contact information is on my site. It great that you saw some results but with a little effort you could have done it yourself without having to pay a company. Most people are pushing the opportunity instead of the service itself.

If your going to be a FES credit repair agent then your emphasis should be on helping people with their credit. If you have something to say, why not just create your own post instead of being rude and inconsiderate. I have zero skin in this game but you make a few bold and puzzling statements. You said if you want to help people restore their credit just to stick to it. There are many businesses that have multiple streams of income. Thats like telling Google to stick to searches and leave advertising to others.

And why is it ok that you tell othere how to run their business? Its their business, period. No one tells you to stick to blogging as I see you page is monetized with advertisers. I have no problem with companies having multiple streams of income. If you read the article I even provided a link to the Federal Trade Commissions opinion regarding these types of companies. Plus FES promotes the opportunity using the MLM business model by recruiting others and charging a monthly fee doing so.

I personally see it as a conflict of interest. They are marketing the opportunity to people that are are in debt and trying to clean up their credit. To me it seems like a conflict of interest because the majority of people that try to make money online are unsuccessful and the company knows it. I have fallen for the credit repair dba financial education services I filed a complaint with the BBB I received a full refund however something was very fishy when I received the check it was under the name of youth financial literacy foundation….

That is interesting and thanks for the information. I would like to hear from people that actually have proof that this service works. Your monthly fee is waived as an agent, hence the reason FES also strives recruitng agents while also repairing their credit. Typically every mlm that I have come across has products that are more expensive than those being sold on the open markets. I been with them seen like my credit score going down people saying there score are jumping to in months and they saying you still owe you just want have it show in your report to me this is all a lie from the time I started.

Pay off your debt and negotiate with the whoever you owe. Once you get your debt paid off you can contact the credit reporting agencies to get some of the old stuff removed. If Financial Education Services have any type of guarantee I would take them up on it if things are not working out for you.

How can you post pics here, as I see you are asking for proof. Follow me on social media. Within 42 days my score increase points. As a minister, I saw this as an opportunity to help a lot of people and I focus on it. Now 11 months after being in the business, I was able to fire Corporate America. Again I have never been a part of a network marketing organization until now and to achieve a little success that I have in such a short.

Of time speaks volumes to the level of training and personal development that is provided with this company. I tend to stay away from these types of opportunities and go with ones I believe to be more legit such as this company. I have been with fes and to me it is a scam. I do see people making it to the top but is it really worth it. I mean they were sued by Atlanta GA for 1. Look ill tell you this to me doing all that is like selling your soul. Also you being a minister and saying you helping people is not true at all.

My pastor lives a humble life and he drives a Jeep. I would never live off of other people this is why the United States is like it is. If you can provide some proof of this I would like to see it so I can. All the negatives comments. If you where in financial education services.

Did really give your all. Did you follow the system? Did you get on the calls? Did you study products and services? Did you study personnel development? LOL doing all those things are still a joke. Also, the person above said those two people were the founders of LifeLock … a product that FES promotes.

The commenter didnt say they were the FES founders themselves. They were just mentioning the founders chose to offer a product that was founded by someone who did time for fraud. The people mentioned above are not the founders of FES. Do better research before posting false info. I hope that people would read clearly before assuming false info. The person said the founders of LifeLock — one of them did time for fraud.

Do better reading next time before assuming someone posted false info? I dunno. I used it and they sent me the letters to send to the credit bureaus, which I felt like they should do since I was paying them so much money. I cancelled after the second month. My review on Financial Education Services was about the money making aspect that marketers sign for. Hopefully they see that these credit repair companies may not be the best business opportunities to get involved with based on customer feedback like yours.

I own a credit repair company. We are a non-mlm, non-outsourcing, U. We started the company almost 8 years ago. At this point, all seems on the up and up, although not a single product or service has been sold to back up the investment - though investors don't know that yet. Eventually, it gets more difficult to recruit new members into the pyramid scheme. When that starts happening, there is less money to pay back investors already involved in the pyramid scheme.

When earlier investors in the scheme cash out, there's not enough money to pay off the rest of the investors at the bottom of the pyramid. When these investors try to cash in too, they find there's no money left to pay them, and the pyramid scheme collapses under its own weight.

In short, the idea with a pyramid scheme is to make your money not from a great product or service, but by recruitment - i. They usually offer products or services that actually exist and are actually sold in the consumer marketplace.

That's a key distinction, as the law looks differently at companies who sell a concrete product or service, even if they use recruiting methods to rewards salespeople at the company. The problem with pyramid companies is that there is usually no product or service to sell - and that is against the law and is enforceable by state and federal government agencies. That said, there are some similarities between multi-level marketing companies and pyramid schemes:.

The takeaway? If you're ever offered the opportunity to join any sales or marketing group where the emphasis is on recruiting to earn your pay, and not selling a product or service, you are likely joining a pyramid - with all the risk of financial loss that entails. TheStreet Smarts. Free Newsletters.

Receive full access to our market insights, commentary, newsletters, breaking news alerts, and more. I agree to TheMaven's Terms and Policy. While law enforcement officials don't completely agree that a Ponzi scheme is technically a pyramid scheme, the two scams share basic similarities: Both scams reward the early scheme participants and penalize the late arrivals.

Both scams require the oxygen of new cash to keep the scheme going - when the cash goes, the scam goes, too. Both schemes are illegal and jail time for participants is commonplace. How Pyramid Schemes Work Pyramid schemes seem to start innocently enough. Here's a brief step-by-step explanation on how pyramid schemes work.

Step 1: The originator An individual or small group at the top of the pyramid scheme puts up a small amount of money, or in many cases, no money at all, for a get-rich-quick opportunity, then charges other members of the group to join.

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