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Aci forex model code of ethics

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aci forex model code of ethics

The ACI FMA Today. Ethical Behaviour in the Financial Markets. Moving From Industry to Profession, and. Supporting BIS Single Code. The first ACI-The Financial Markets Association Code of Conduct was FX Best Practices in Operations (European Central Bank Operations Management. ACI is proud to have participated in the creation of the FX Global Code and believes that it provides an excellent framework for ethical conduct that will. FOREX ORDERS TYPES In just and reinstall the cluster version of were added. Repositories of information about and the. Will be top 10 top of Comodo users and Replace alike and able to.

It also helps to embed a strong culture of individual accountability and reinforce the right messages across all divisions and staff members. Like this item? Get our Weekly Update newsletter. Subscribe today. Name required. Email required, not used on site.

Comment required. Please enter the word you see in the image below:. This provides our membership with confidence that highly experienced teams both here and abroad work continuously to making the Foreign Exchange industry better through more common global processes. It seeks to provide international financial markets with a common, standardized code of conduct.

It is designed to be flexible enough to incorporate and embrace the different domestic practices of major centers. It is also meant to provide the groundwork for an internationally recognized dealing accreditation. Significantly, the new Model Code now lays out, in detail, the guidelines by which the ACI, represented by the Committee For Professionalism, will arbitrate in transaction disputes, for members and non-members. In early December , the Committee for Professionalism will unveil its latest version of the Model Code.

It will address many issues that confront the FX industry today, as well as some revisions to protocols that were already addressed in past Model Codes. The FXC also serves as an active partner to other Foreign exchange committees and industry associations worldwide.

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How will you sustain your code? To sustain your code, you should have clear guidelines for yourself that you follow. When you interact with people daily, it can be hard to remember your code of ethics, but having clear rules will remind you how to maintain them. Personal ethics statements are important for a variety of reasons. You may consider creating them for things like college applications , job applications , or performance evaluations. A personal code of ethics helps you create achievable goals for yourself as you develop personally.

It helps you communicate more effectively , better understand your priorities, clarify decision-making, and improve goal setting and achievement. To write a personal ethics statement, you may want to consider a few things above, like who your audience might be, what your specific goals are, and your intention. Personal code of ethics may look something like this:.

I will prioritize my mental health and maintain a healthy work-life balance. This will allow you to take a step back, especially in stressful or toxic situations, and evaluate whether or not you are sacrificing your mental health or the value of a work-life balance. I will treat others with respect. This one is essentially treating others as you wish to be treated. I will be honest. I am dedicated to continuous growth. Making an intention for yourself for continuous personal growth and improvement is a great reminder you may need to refer back to when prioritizing certain things in your life.

I will be accountable. Being accountable is incredibly important in all aspects of life. Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but what differentiates us from one another is how we handle them. Being accountable is the stand-up thing to do and will ensure you maintain positive relationships.

I will be grateful. Being grateful is another one that we typically all try to uphold, but many forget about it on a daily basis. I will honor my promises and commitments. Loyalty and trustworthiness are important in all aspects of professional and personal life.

Holding yourself accountable is one thing, but showing up is another matter in itself. Honoring the commitments you make makes you a trustworthy person and a good person. A company code of ethics will, of course, differ widely from personal ones, but the end game is ultimately the same. These are reminders on how to be a good professional, employee, manager , and colleague.

Your company code of ethics may look something like this:. Do the right thing. Simple, straightforward, and to the point. Doing the right thing covers a broad range of topics but is an important reminder for all employees always to make the right ethical decision. Be respectful. Individuals may have different backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions, but remaining level-headed and civil during turbulent times or times where you might butt heads is important to an inclusive and productive work environment.

Be professional. Ensuring your employees stay professional is very important. This means steering clear of inappropriate behaviors, comments, or activities. Be inclusive. This is a significant one for all areas of any given company. Inclusivity allows for a diversity of ideas, approaches, tactics, and more. Being open-minded about hiring falls into this category as well, which means you can and should not discriminate against someone based on what they look like, their status, background, or family.

Vote count:. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. Caitlin Mazur. Caitlin Mazur is a freelance writer at Zippia. By Caitlin Mazur - Jan. Not make the purchase of such materials a requirement of other independent salespeople,.

Provide such materials at not more than the price at which similar material is available generally in the marketplace, without significant profit to the independent salesperson, and. Offer a written return policy that is the same as the return policy of the member company the independent salesperson represents. Member companies shall take diligent, reasonable steps to ensure that promotional or training materials produced by their independent salespeople comply with the provisions of this Code and are not false, misleading or deceptive.

Compensation received by Direct Sellers for sales of training and promotional materials to become or stay a Direct Seller which is, in effect, remuneration for recruiting Direct Sellers into a sales system, shall be prohibited. Member companies shall establish, publicize and implement complaint handling procedures to ensure prompt resolution of all complaints. In the event any consumer shall complain that the independent salesperson offering for sale the products or services of a member company has engaged in any improper course of conduct pertaining to the sales presentation of its goods or services, the member company shall promptly investigate the complaint and shall take such steps as it may find appropriate and necessary under the circumstances to cause the redress of any wrongs that its investigation discloses to have been committed.

Member companies will be considered responsible for Code violations by their independent salespeople where the Administrator finds, after considering all the facts, that a violation of the Code has occurred. No member company shall in any way attempt to persuade, induce or coerce another company to breach this Code, and an attempt to induce a breach of this Code is considered a violation of the Code.

This Code is not law but its obligations require a level of ethical behavior from member companies and independent salespeople that is consistent with applicable legal requirements. Failure to comply with this Code does not create any civil law responsibility or liability.

When a company leaves the DSA membership, a company is no longer bound by this Code. However, the provisions of this Code remain applicable to events or transactions that occurred during the time a company was a member of DSA. All member companies are required to publicize the DSA Code of Ethics and the process for filing a Code complaint to their independent salespeople and consumers. At a minimum, member companies must have one of the following:. The links should be clear and conspicuous.

Member companies should specifically link to either www. All member companies, after submission of their program, are required to state annually, along with paying their dues, that the program remains effective or indicate any change. The Code Responsibility Officer is responsible for facilitating compliance with the Code by his or her company and responding to inquiries by the DSA Code Administrator appointed pursuant to Section C.

Should a member company be subject of a code complaint in a country in which it is not a member, the company must accept jurisdiction of the US DSA Code Administrator regarding the matter. The Board shall have the authority to discharge the Administrator for cause only. The Board shall provide sufficient authority to enable the Administrator to properly discharge the responsibilities entrusted to the Administrator under this Code.

The Administrator will be responsible directly and solely to the Board. The Administrator shall be a person of recognized integrity, knowledgeable about the industry, and of a stature that will command respect by the industry and from the public.

During the term of office, neither the Administrator nor any member of the staff shall be an officer, director, employee, or substantial stockholder in any member of the DSA. The Administrator shall disclose all holdings of stock in any member company prior to appointment and shall also disclose any subsequent purchases of such stock to the Board of Directors.

The Administrator shall have the same rights of indemnification as the Directors and Officers have under the bylaws of the DSA. The Administrator shall establish, publish and implement transparent complaint handling procedures to ensure prompt resolution of all complaints. The Administrator shall review and determine all charges against member companies, affording those companies an opportunity to be heard fully.

The Administrator shall have the power to originate any proceedings and shall at all times have the full cooperation of all member companies. The Administrator shall have the sole authority to determine whether a violation of the Code has occurred. The Administrator shall answer as promptly as possible all queries relating to the Code and its application, and, when appropriate, may suggest, for consideration by the Board of Directors, Code amendments, or other implementation procedures to make the Code more effective.

The Administrator shall honor request by complainants for confidential treatment of their identity. The subject matter of a complaint will not be kept confidential. In the event the member company fails to request a review by an Appeals Review Panel pursuant to Section D. The Administrator shall conduct a preliminary investigation, making such investigative contacts as are necessary to reach an informed decision as to the alleged Code violation. If the Administrator determines, after the informal investigation, that there is no need for further action or that the Code violation allegation lacks merit, the investigation and administrative action shall terminate and the complaining party shall be so notified.

The Administrator may, at his discretion, remedy an alleged Code violation through informal, oral and written communication with the accused member company. The reasoning and facts that resulted in the decision as well as the nature of the remedy under Section E. The notice shall also offer the member company an opportunity to consent to the suggested without the necessity of a Section D.

If the member company desires to dispose of the matter in this manner, it will within 20 calendar days advise the Administrator, in writing. If a member company has submitted a request for review pursuant to Section D.

The three member companies shall be selected in a manner that represents a cross-section of the industry. If for any reason, a member of the Panel cannot fulfill his or her duties, the Chairman of the Board of DSA can replace that person with a new appointment. The representatives serving on the Appeals Review Panel shall during their time on the Panel have the same rights of indemnification the Directors and Officers have under the bylaws of the DSA.

As soon as the Panel has been selected, the Administrator shall inform the Appellant of the names of the panelists. Within 14 calendar days of that notification, the Administrator shall send a copy of the Complaint and all relevant documents, including an explanation of the basis of the decision to impose remedial action, to the panelists with copies to the Appellant. Upon receipt of such information, the Appellant shall have 14 calendar days to file with the Panel its reasons for arguing that remedial action should not be imposed along with any additional documents that are relevant.

Copies of that information shall be provided to the Administrator, who can provide additional information as the Administrator decides is necessary or useful to the Panel and the Appellant. Once the information has been received by the panelists from both the Administrator and the Appellant, the Panel will complete its review within 30 calendar days or as soon thereafter as practicable.

The Panel shall be free to contact the Administrator, the Appellant, and any other persons who may be relevant, in writing as deemed appropriate. A decision by the Panel shall be final and shall be promptly communicated both to the Administrator and the Appellant. The costs involved in the appeal such as costs of photocopying, telephone, fax, and mailing, shall be borne by the Appellant. If pursuant to the investigation provided for in Section D.

Payment of a voluntary contribution to a special assessment fund that shall be used for purposes of publicizing and disseminating the Code and related information. Cancellation of orders, return of products purchased, cancellation or termination of the contractual relationship with the independent salesperson or other remedies.

Once the Administrator determines that there has been compliance with all imposed remedies in a particular case, the complaint shall be considered closed. If a member company refuses to comply voluntarily with any remedy imposed by the Administrator and has not requested a review by an Appeals Review Panel, the DSA Board of Directors, or designated part thereof, may conclude that the member company should be suspended or terminated from membership in the DSA.

If the DSA Board of Directors, or designated part thereof, suspends or terminates a member company pursuant to the provisions of this Code, the DSA shall notify the member company of such a decision by certified mail. A suspended member company, after at least 90 calendar days following that notice, and a terminated member company, after at least one year following that notice, may request the opportunity to have its suspension or termination reviewed by an Appeals Review Panel, which may in its discretion recommend that the Board of Directors reinstate membership.

At no time during an investigation or the hearing of charges against a member company shall the Administrator or member of an Appeals Review Panel confer with anyone concerning the alleged violation s of the Code, except as provided herein and as may be necessary to conduct the investigation and hold a hearing.

At no time during the investigation or the Appeals Review Panel process shall the Administrator or a member of the Appeals Review Panel confer with a competitor of the member company alleged to be in violation of the Code, except when it may be necessary to call a competitor concerning the facts, in which case the competitor shall be contacted only for the purpose of discussing the facts.

Upon request by the Administrator to any member company, all documents directly relating to an alleged violation shall be delivered to the Administrator. Any information that is identified as proprietary by the producing party shall be held in confidence. The Administrator may issue periodic reports on Code of Ethics compliance including disclosure of numbers and types of complaints as well as company-compliance efforts. The issuance of these reports will not identify individual complaints.

Our Code of Ethics protects consumers and independent salespeople with standards that ensure member companies are held accountable when it comes to claims about earnings, product and other important areas. One of the hallmarks of our Code of Ethics is that it is enforced by an independent administrator empowered by DSA members to resolve issues. The Code Administrator can impose a variety of remedies in the event of a Code violation including calling for refunds, ordering a mandatory repurchase of inventory or other measures as needed.

When media reports or other sources make the Administrator aware of allegations that could be Code violations, the Administrator may conduct an investigation into the practices of our members and suggest how issues may be resolved. All Rights Reserved. This copyrighted content may not be disseminated or reproduced in any form without express written consent and without full attribution.

Join DSA. Code of Ethics. Code Communications Initiative. Code Review Process. Filing A Code Complaint. Consumer Protection Downloadables. Association Guidelines. Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council. Home Page. DSA is committed to the highest ethical business standards for the direct selling channel and to the customers our member companies serve every day.

Our Code of Ethics is a robust series of policies that every DSA member agrees to follow as condition of membership. It holds member companies accountable to policies that protect independent salespeople and consumers and encourages the entire marketplace for direct selling to meet these high standards. For example, the Code prohibits statements or promises that mislead consumers or prospective salespeople and sets stringent guidelines for earnings representations, product claims, sales and marketing tactics and policies for order cancellations and returns.

DSA members have strengthened the Code since its enactment in to ensure it stays relevant with changing stakeholder expectations. Expand all Collapse all. Deceptive or Unlawful Consumer or Recruiting Practices a. Products, Services and Promotional Materials a. Terms of Sale a. The order form must set forth clearly, legibly and unambiguously: 1. Terms and conditions of sale, including the total amount the consumer will be required to pay, including all interest, service charges and fees, and other costs and expenses as required by federal and state law; 2.

Identity of the member company and the independent salesperson, and contain the full name, permanent address and telephone number of the member company or the independent salesperson, and all material terms of the sale; and 3.

Warranties and Guarantees The terms of any warranty or guarantee offered by the seller in connection with the sale shall be furnished to the buyer in a manner that fully conforms to federal and state warranty and guarantee laws and regulations. Identification and Privacy a. Pyramid Schemes For the purpose of this Code, pyramid or endless chain schemes shall be considered actionable under this Code.

Inventory Purchases a. Earnings Representations a. Any oral, written or visual claim that conveys, expressly or by implication: a A specific level or range of actual or potential sales; or b Gross or net income or profits, including but not limited to representations that either explicitly or implicitly suggest that lifestyle purchases— including homes, vehicles, vacations and the like—are related to income earned.

Any chart, table or mathematical calculation demonstrating possible income, actual or potential sales, or gross or net profits based upon a combination of variables; 4. Marketing materials or advertising explicitly describing or promising potential income amounts, or material- based lifestyles of independent salespeople; 5.

Member companies must comply with, and obligate their independent salespeople to also comply with, the following standards: 1. Current and prospective independent salespeople must be provided with sufficient information to understand that: a Actual earnings can vary significantly depending upon time committed, skill level and other factors; b Not everyone will achieve the represented level of income; and c Such amounts are before expenses, if any.

Payment of Fees a. Any commissions paid on fees charged to become or stay an independent salesperson, which are, in effect, remuneration for recruitment into a sales system, shall be prohibited 10 a. Training and Materials a. Further, member companies shall prohibit independent salespeople from marketing any materials that are not approved by the member company and that are inconsistent with member company policies and procedures c.

Independent salespeople selling member company-approved sales aids, promotional or training materials, whether in hard copy or electronic form, shall: 1. Use only materials that comply with the same standards used by the member company, 2. Not make the purchase of such materials a requirement of other independent salespeople, 3. Provide such materials at not more than the price at which similar material is available generally in the marketplace, without significant profit to the independent salesperson, and 4.

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