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Ymoyl investing in penny

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ymoyl investing in penny

Encouraged at every turn to consume, we have spent every penny and taken They will have become knowledgeable and sophisticated about investment. your money or your life: 9 steps pdf. I wanna get on and ride, and take these fakes for every penny they got. to do whatever the hell you gotta to do lower your expenses and invest money. EURO RUBLE FOREX QUOTES How do systemd configuration file listings. SAP Expand child menu. Demo programs have a Appstore and want to but charge from Wikidata along with body graphics that are the removal connection you.

But people who choose this book are a self-selecting group who are seeking something more thoughtful. In this vein, I would suggest skipping the introduction since it almost put me off the book entirely. Also, some of the ideas are more geared towards the upper-middle-class-mid-life-crises set: I don't need to be constantly reminded that happiness isn't necessarily achieved through sports cars, trophy wives, and luxury vacations. Please file under: problems I'll never have.

I could say more here, but I'll hold my sarcasm and feelings of superiority. On the same token, there aren't a lot of personal stories in the book that read, "Angie was a single mother of three with a dependent elderly mother, barely getting by on her two jobs at walmart and the local laundromat.

By following the advice in this book, she was able to quit both her jobs and support her family by forming a dance troupe with her three kids and touring around rural Ohio. Because that doesn't happen. Because the vast majority of working poor simply don't have a whole lot of options with the economy in the tank, no universal healthcare, and a government intent on systematically dismantling the social safety net.

I decided not to buy anything in and it was great though I fell off the wagon in November because I went to NYC and I was really cold so I had to buy a jacket and shoes Anyway, I didn't do it to save money, but because I had too many things. I read this book on a friend's recommendation--not because I need to save money, but because I wanted to learn something. My point is that even if your goal isn't to save more money, this book is really useful. It's useful because i I decided not to buy anything in and it was great though I fell off the wagon in November because I went to NYC and I was really cold so I had to buy a jacket and shoes It's useful because it forces you to think about your money.

I admit that I did not do all the exercises in the book, but I did finish it and it made me think differently about my money and my life! I feel very lucky and blessed that I love my job so I don't feel like I work just to make money, but I certainly do need to think a lot more about investment and spending.

This book is a must-read for everybody. View 2 comments. Apr 20, Josh rated it really liked it Shelves: personal-finance. This book holds so much good advice, it's really a shame that it's written in such a silly fashion. The authors try to be funny and make jokes, but they're just not funny and pull you out of the text. When they start talking about gazingus pins and stuff, I was wondering if there actually was such a thing whenever this book was written, before I realized they were just being funny.

Maybe in the seminars this book is based on, they were, but on the page, it's really lame. Also, they try to convin This book holds so much good advice, it's really a shame that it's written in such a silly fashion. Also, they try to convince you that surfers will be using the word "frugal" to describe good waves, i.

Yeah, obviously didn't happen. Having said all that, the advice contained within is fantastic. At first I was unsure what good some of the exercises would be -- do I really need to know how much money I've made in my whole life to know that I'm broke now? Do I need to discover my true hourly wage to figure out that I'm underpaid? However, I did the exercises, and at each successive one a little more of how out of whack my life was made sense. I started keeping track of every dollar I spent, and I'm still doing it.

By the time it came to aligning your life with your values, I took action. I didn't even read the last chapters on making money from your investments, because thy didn't really apply yet. My final thought is that, although this book is written in a silly tone, by the time I finished reading it, I had quit my job and gotten a new one that excited me a lot more, had knocked a good chunk off my debt, and had proposed to my girlfriend. If you're feeling a little lost and think money or work is a big cause of malaise, give this book a shot.

Sep 08, Dew rated it it was amazing Shelves: , non-fiction , favorites , eng , i-want-paperback , pdf-epub. Highly recommended!!! I'm not American and I don't live the American way, so I thought that this book is not the right pick for me. Well, it turned out that this book speaks to all of us. Because there's no one on this earth who doesn't use money, even though the relationship is different from one another.

I truly feel lucky to stumble upon it because it made me rethink my decisions, habits and how I view my relat Highly recommended!!! I truly feel lucky to stumble upon it because it made me rethink my decisions, habits and how I view my relationship with money. It made me wonder about my values and aspirations. After every chapter I read, I stay the next hours and days thinking about the questions that were asked, trying to find answers.

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I'm willing to start the nine steps program recommended by the authors. I did the two first steps, and I'm going to do the rest in the future inchallah. Certainly, I'll go reread some parts of the book to better apply this program. Again, do yourself a favour and read this book. Dec 01, Rosey rated it it was ok Shelves: finances , read-in This book was alright.

There was some good advice about reducing expenses, redefining your definition of "needs," and the principle of generating enough interest income to cover your expenses. But the tone was so cheesy, the examples seemed incredibly out of date, and the exercises seem overly complicated for the purpose. I would think most people who need help managing their money would get frustrated at the amount of time and detail needed to record every cent they make or spend "even the quarter you find in the vending machine!

I almost threw the book away in frustration when the author tried to argue that inflation doesn't exist. And I cringed at some of the "feel-good" examples of people who followed the program and now spend their days helping the homeless and treating AIDS in Africa. I guess though, all these books would cease to exist if they only wrote the helpful parts. They'd consist of the following paragraph. Save everything you don't spend.

Once you've paid off your debt, set aside an emergency fund. Once you can cover yourself in an emergency, invest. If you're young, you can take on risk when you invest, but as you get older, switch to less-risky investments. Oh, and a job with a high salary may not be a good deal if you're working 80 hours a week the equivalent of two full time jobs to get it.

Sep 19, James rated it liked it. I do not know much about the life of the author. But I imagine that Dave Ramsey had a lost twin sister who was abducted from her evangelical family and raised on a commune near San Francisco and fed a steady diet of locally sourced vegan organic food and the Grateful Dead albums. Her philosophy is to live simply without debts and save for the future. The book is full of inspirational stories along these lines :" Juanita was stuck in a toxic wall street legal firm and in a loveless marriage.

She I do not know much about the life of the author. She caught a vision of what her life could be like in the program. She realized that by scaling back her lifestyle she could work less and live more. So she left her husband and job and moved to a small town in rural Oregon. She lives in a modest home where she rents two bedrooms to like minded individuals who pay for rent partially with cash and partially with massage and holistic dental treatment. Juanita spends three hours every morning working on a farmers market and co-op.

She spends each afternoon advocating for animal rights. She plans to live this way until her body is discovered her face half eaten by her cats. Very basic and outdated book. First half of the book can be summed up in keeping track of your net worth as well as creating a chart for your income and expenses.

It very briefly touches inflation, doesn't mention the effect of compounding and it recommends investment primarily in treasury bonds - all while constantly promoting the book and the company workshops. Avoid this book. Mar 14, Rose rated it liked it Shelves: better-than-i-expected , finance , needs-review , audiobooks. Jul 03, Siah rated it it was amazing.

This is a fantastic book with a lot of simple but useful ideas. I intend to read it again, and again, May 02, Kate rated it liked it Recommends it for: personal finance beginners. Shelves: finance. It's a seminal text in the personal finance field and has even been highly recommended by many, including people whose opinion I value highly like Ali Abdaal, who claimed it " changed my relationship with money.

The main points of the book are: - Your money isn't just an inanimate thing, it's a reflection of your life energy hours worked , and As a long-time lover of personal finance and money books, I had heard about Vicki Robins's Your Money or Your Life for years.

The main points of the book are: - Your money isn't just an inanimate thing, it's a reflection of your life energy hours worked , and your real hourly wage is what you make when you factor in all the costs of being alive to do your job.

These are excellent points. I think it's very easy to detach our money from our energy, and I think it's becoming increasingly easy as we move completely away from a cash economy to a credit economy. When you never physically, tangibly see the money, it's easy to act like it's all a video game. I think the concept of money has never been less real and tangible.

The majority of jobs never actually hand over physical money, it's all direct deposited. There's no surprise that the average person has such a weird relationship with the idea of money as a physical thing or as a representation of real-life spent to earn it. Your Money or Your Life was probably mindblowing in So, I read the version that was updated to reflect the more modern times, and you could certainly tell that Vicki made efforts to freshen up the book's contents.

There is talk about climate change, she addresses the fact that there are online tools to use, and other fun updates. However, what wasn't updated with the fact that this book is way too long. That isn't to say that the information is invaluable, but this page book could certainly have been pages, maximum.

I don't like to be nitpicky about the length of books, but as even someone who is passionate about this topic, Your Money or Your Life was too long even for me. We have the internet now. Nobody has that sweet, sweet, attention anymore. Maybe this is just a me problem and the other people don't mind the length and depth and hearing the same point reiterated dozens of times.

I'm aware that my poor attention span may not be universal. However, throughout the course of the book, I kept having the "this could have been a paragraph, not a chapter" feeling. For example, there were several chapters dedicated to very simple money-saving tips. This is fine, okay, sure, but it also just drags the book out like crazy. I think more people would be "readers" if books were succinct and not written to a publisher's arbitrary word count minimum, which is what a lot of Your Money or Your Life feels like.

Your Money or Your Life is actionable, but not practical I believe there's a distinct difference between a book being actionable and a book being practical. Actionable has a clear, distinct call to action. Practical is the ability for someone to follow through with what is being suggested. But is it practical?

A lot of Your Money or Your Life can you spend challenging the reader to do a massive inventory of every aspect of their financial life. It's a call to count every penny, with absolutely no excuses. She says repeatedly how half measures will just make you financially slide back into old habits.

I consider myself fairly financially literate and responsible, and even I am entirely uninterested in doing the actionable steps of this book. This book is so long because it spends so much of its time explaining these very actionable but unrealistic principles, that it really does become quite a slog to get through.

Some of the book is way too specific, and some is way too broad. This book excels when it asks the big questions Like I've said, the actionable aspects of Your Money or Your Life don't really resonate with me, but I do like the big questions that are asked about how your money aligns with your values. Money and values aligning isn't talked about enough, as many people end up spending out of necessity for convenience or compulsion, but not necessarily spending on the things that provide value or bring meaning to their life.

I think it's so easy to desensitize ourselves from our money so much that we end up spending on things that we don't value, or even spend on things that actually go against our value systems, but we become blind to it through a lack of awareness. Your Money or Your Life is great for people needing an overhaul I do think that certain people would really benefit from this book.

I needed those incredibly practical steps to get out of my headspace and into a better mindset. I cannot overstate how important that book was to me. And I can see Your Money or Your Life having a similar effect on somebody drowning in debt and desperate for a change. There are tons of financial books that are useless like Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. Thankfully, Your Money or Your Life is not one of those.

The book's tagline is "transforming your relationship with money," and I think that this is exactly who the book should appeal to: people whose relationship with money needs a complete transformation and overhaul.

If you're like me and are decent with money or have a system in place to handle your financial situation, this book is not for you. One point that Vicki repeatedly brought up that I really did like was how to take money conversations deeper, by asking " why? Sometimes it's so easy to take answers at face value, but going deeper and broader in our interactions with others will make us richer, more dynamic, more informed, and more interesting.

The original review posted here. This is a powerful book. Others probably think the same as I had to wait a year for my hold to come through at the library! It was absolutely worth the wait. This is not just a book about personal finances. It's a book about life and how to structure yours to match your values. Not in the "follow your passion" kind of unhelpful advice, but at a much deeper level.

It addresses consumerism, which destroys not just our finances but also the planet and its limited resources. It aims to help you disco This is a powerful book. Although the exercises are about managing money, all of the questions and advice are connected to life, to the limited amount of hours we have left and helping us figure out how to make them meaningful both personally and in our communities.

I read a lot of this book on public transport and many times I found myself arriving at my stop lost in thought, at the same page for the last 20 minutes. Chewing on the questions, absorbing them and letting them shine a light on dusty corners of my soul; maybe reflecting on the origins of a belief I didn't even know I held, or remembering forgotten feelings and dreams. Much of the content is challenging in the best way possible, and makes you question expectations, beliefs, and other knowledge you may have taken for granted.

You may not change your thinking each time, but the thought process will likely bring more clarity to your own answers and values. The authors recommend reading the book in one go, then starting again at the beginning and doing the exercises this time. Next I plan to get my own copy and slowly work my way through each step.

I can't wait to find out where this leads me. Aug 08, Rachel rated it it was amazing Shelves: wsh-list. This book is phenomenal. The only caveats were that this book encourages investments in bonds and I don't know that bonds are a good investment, I'd have to do more research on that. The author also stresses financial independence via interest income which will free you to pursue your interests instead of working on someone else's agenda.

Overall, the best personal finance book that I've read so far. We consume it. It challenges your belief system about work, life, the cost of time, etc. However, the second part of the book was unnecessary, extended repetition of the first.

Rich exists only in comparison to something or someone else. Rich is way more than most other people have. But we know the fallacy of the myth of more. More is like a mirage. Dec 24, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: financial , spiritual.

This book really makes you re-examine what it means to have money. It will make you change the way you look at earning money and the way you look at spending money. For those who are interested in not competing with their neighbors in the endless rat-race of social finance, this will teach you how to evaluate your spending habits and spend on those things that bring real value to you - independent of what your family, friends, or neighbors value. The way it talks about money is rooted in a type of ethical and humanistic morality that I can get behind.

Great content, but the moralistic or motivational speaker tone is grating. This puts into perspective quality of life over material possessions with some functional tools for financial control. Jun 16, Antonio Stark rated it really liked it.

This book is an age-old classic on financial independence, and has been a bestseller since its first publication in It was recently remastered in to accommodate for new technologies, gig economies, and various financial vehicles that one can utilize. This is ONE book that I will consider re-reading, as it gives a dynamic and well-positioned plan of how to structure and rethink one's life to achieve financial flexibility and long-term stability.

It's especially worthwhile to read this This book is an age-old classic on financial independence, and has been a bestseller since its first publication in It's especially worthwhile to read this book as a young professional just starting to have a stable income, and to take advantage of different strategies that pay back more with time. There's a reason this book is such a classic.

Readers also enjoyed. Self Help. About Vicki Robin. Vicki Robin. Books by Vicki Robin. Need another excuse to treat yourself to a new book this week? We've got you covered with the buzziest new releases of the day. To create our Read more Trivia About Your Money or You No trivia or quizzes yet. Add some now ». Quotes from Your Money or You Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Your Money or Your Life. Hey rjack. I like the video. Especially the first 50 seconds.

The interviewer is a little wacky though. The Pritiken Program. Headed Home December 19, , am. I second the e-book idea. It could be a compilation of your best posts — or just the ones that focus on Mustachianism. How many other personal finance books swear and chide to get results and cement ideas? Noel December 19, , am. How serendipitous. I had this book on hold at the library and it came in yesterday. I look forward to reading it.

I bought the book for my sister and her husband probably ten years ago as a Christmas gift in a vain attempt to change some of their behavior. Oh well. Doug December 19, , am. I also read this book many years ago and recommend it to anyone who is mustachian or wishes to be. Other good books are How to Survive Without a Salary by Charles Long, and any books by Derek Foster, a guy who has a wife and kids and still managed to retire at age Lisa December 29, , pm. Bullseye January 5, , am. The latter wrote Stop Working!

Both books are Canadian, and probably unfamiliar to non-Canadians, but both are worth reading! The first one is the book that started me on my journey when I was around 21 years old. I still go back and re-read it every year or so. Johnny Our Freaking Budget December 19, , am. Step 2 looks to completely revolutionize this line of thinking in my head. It will undoubtedly depress me out of purchasing just about anything save Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers.

Money Mustache December 19, , am. Eschewing Debt December 19, , am. Sounds like a great read! Debbie M December 19, , am. My investment income was infinitesimal. I did not get good ideas on how to reduce my expenditures more.

My real hourly salary was actually depressing in the opposite way than was expected: it was much greater than my official hourly salary. I spent no extra time dealing with my job I had to get dressed anyway and I read during the bus commute , I spent virtually no extra money dealing with my job still made my lunch usually, free bus commute, business casual clothes cost the same at thrift stores as other clothes, no day care needed , and I got loads of benefits free health insurance, free access to university library, fabulous pension, free bus use.

So the numbers instead warned me that quitting would be expensive. But this has become wonderfully sophisticated over the years and I really like that it is totally under my control. Reading older books really underlines how much financial instruments change over time, so even if you have the perfect setup for now, you need to keep educating yourself. Kuz December 20, , pm.

I had a similar realization when I calculated my actual earnings per hour. I work for a public university that includes free classes even phd ones , free bus passes, discount sports tickets, cheap health care, and crazy matches on IRA contributions. I also have less than 5 min bike commute and can wear anything to work.

RichUncle EL December 19, , am. Thanks for sharing the nine steps made popular by the book, I had seen the steps before, but you provided a unique twist to them. I always enjoy a mustachian point of view. Shilpan December 19, , am. In nutshell, FI is about developing two brains between your two ears.

One to motivate you to earn more early on in your life so that you can put that money to work for you, and second to not know how much you make so that you can live simply. Your life will be at FI crossroad sooner than you think,. It always amazes me how closely this blog parallels my life the timing anyway not the FI. Putting in a garden door? Well yes I am. Thinking of buying a truck? The only thing it would cost me is time. Would we spend it wisely pay down long term debt or winter holiday?

Somewhere out there is a happy medium. Keep up the great posts MMM. I look forward to them every day. Holly ClubThrifty December 19, , am. There is nothing ground breaking in it. Yet, it made me think completely differently about and money that I spent. RetiredAt42 December 19, , pm. We followed very few of the steps, mostly just the philosophy. Six years later, we paid off our mortgage, and about 12 years later, we retired from our corporate jobs.

Joe December 19, , pm. Love this book! Like many others, it was my first FI book and provided the spark that lit the fire for me to start the FI journey. Did someone else write that, or are you talking in the third-person? Or am I totally on crack and the meaning of the sentence has gone over my head? No Name Guy December 19, , pm. Freeyourchains December 19, , pm. Games like the Fable Series, have you buy houses you adventure past and rent them out for passive income as you adventure on to kill baddies from town to town.

You can even get married and have children and buy a castle at the end. I have never read the book either but I generally agree with your comments. You would have to have too much of the recently legalized pot to buy the 30 year treasury bond. Not only in the interest rate ridiculous, but as interest rates rise, the value of your bond on the bond market is going to take a huge hit. Considering where interest rates are, there is really no place to go but up.

Why is inflation nothing to worry about? At the rate the fed is printing dollars, inflation will raise its ugly head. This is a huge tax on the middle class. I really liked the book and most of its viewpoints. Did his ultra-frugal obsession prevent him from fulfilling certain aspects of his life? It strikes me that MMM is frugal, while Joe was cheap. Frugality, and the smart use of money always wins in my book. Gerard December 19, , pm. He died so young, seemingly never married or had children, and my guess was that he was an only child.

It is totally conceivable he had a great life. That one sentence just haunts me for some reason…. Money Mustache December 19, , pm. Apparently they had a steady stream of houseguests that he loved to host and help out.

It must have been quite a thrill for him, starting that movement and rolling it along for so long. I used this program to become financially independent in my mid-thirties and over the years read a lot about these two. I also did some audio course with them that had more details about their life together. I never read that Vicki and Joe ever married, but that they considered themselves partners until his death. Maybe I missed that info. One of their housemates before FI had a shoe fetish and she straightened out when she was diagnosed with an incurable illness; I wish I could remember her name.

I listened to an audio tape from her too. Joe and Vicki also were into house construction for a time and would see old houses, contact the owners and get permission to live in them for free while fixing them up. Then they would move on. I never thought of Joe as cheap. I thought he just was comfortable living on less and was aware that there were infinitely possibilities of ways to live in our society; to trade your time for the things that you value seemed to be more important that using money to do this.

Also, I felt like he might have really understood what corruption was going on in his Wall St. Also at such a low earning level, he probably never paid income taxes and little property taxes after becoming FI. Ultros December 19, , pm. Just a quick observation about the Consumer Price Index: You may want to take it more seriously in the future. As a part of the fiscal cliff negotiations, the federal government is almost certainly going to use chained CPI for calculating future benefits.

Briefly, the government currently calculates inflation using a fixed basket of household goods. But if apples get more expensive but pears do not, people will buy more pears and fewer apples. Chained CPI accounts for that substitution and therefore results in a more conservative estimate of inflation. Or in other words, the government is going to assume that people are a little more mustachian in their decision-making in the future.

Andy Hough December 19, , pm. If I would have actually implemented all the ideas from the book I would have retired years ago. Even so the book has allowed me to stretch a meager income. There was a revised version of the book that came out in One of my biggest thrills of blogging was when one of the authors contacted me out of the blue to do an interview for my site.

Jen December 19, , pm. But last week the hourly wage piece completely clarified a situation for me. I lost my primary car key. I could easily pay with cash on hand and not notice the difference. Then it occurred to me that if someone told me I could have a new key fob if I came in to work on saturday for 4. I went from thinking I should get a new key fob — no big deal — to absolutely no way would I trade 4. I would disagree on your stance on inflation. I think for long term planning, e. Money Mustache December 20, , pm.

Just to be clear — I still plan for inflation and make sure income keeps up with it. I am just finding that spending decisions are so arbitrary that your choices have a much bigger effect than the underlying price of CPI goods. If we were running a tighter ship, then changes in the price of eggs or heating fuel might indeed cause an unpreventable increase in our spending. The personal accounting stuff in YMOYL allows you to calculate your own personal inflation or deflation year on year.

Rev December 20, , am. Your inflation comment got me thinking…. Carolina on My Mind December 20, , am. I read YMoYL about 15 years ago, and it really changed my thinking about spending and consumption. But the thing that has really stuck with me all this time is that Joe Dominguez died when he was only Imagine if he had been on the standard retirement path — he never would have gotten there. But instead, he retired early and then spent almost 30 years doing whatever he wanted, enjoying life, and in the process helping thousands of people.

To me, his life represents just about the most profound argument anyone could make for early financial independence. As simple as this is, I had never thought about it before reading the book. Bonds, stocks, real estate, etc. But it was life changing for me. Once you go through the process, there are so many possibilities, and I agree with the earlier post that you are just one path. The Accumulator December 20, , pm.

Knick knacks lose their lustre when you calculate the cost in terms of a life not led. And the case studies demonstrate that people from all walks of life, ordinary and extraordinary, can make FI. They add humanity to the tale. I read it late but for someone just starting out it could be a revelation. And not feeling trapped suddenly makes the job a lot more bearable.

Jenny December 20, , pm. This book changed my life in my early 20s. Loved it. KingZ December 20, , pm. Long time reader 1st comment, booyah! I have always been frugal and tracked expenses, but never had a real plan. Now I do and it feels great. I also read the version talking about modern day blogs being a good resource, and it so happen to be good timing with MMM.

I think MMM is right in sayiing most of the principals are talked about here. Iforonwy December 22, , am. I loved the way that she travelled around visiting with folk rather than staying in hotels. We travel a lot and often stay with friends and family — we also reciprocate as we live in a very touristy area. Well I read and re-read it and decided that we would start tracking our spending etc. I had my first computer in and still have the spreadsheets from back then. We now have a range of them for Grocery shopping, fuel, utilities you name it we track it!

We started to live on one salary as soon as we could and it was a Godsend as DH became ill and had to take early retirement. We were very fortunate with inheritances that we did not expect and downsized our home. I have loaned my copy to friends but it comes back in a day or two as I think they feel it is too onerous for them to follow. Maybe the current financial climate will make them more likely to think. Brooke December 26, , pm. Glad you finally got a chance to read this book. The exercise on life energy is so eye opening and especially great for tailoring a budget to your own values which is not as restrictive as using a standard template so in some ways I think it helps keep you motivated.

I think another great aspect of the book was that intial tracking journal because it makes you realize how much we recieve that we usually do take for granted be it gifts, samples, coupon savings, etc. Once you add that savings into your chart you see that your networth is actually much greater, even as much as it can be reduced by long commutes, etc. Sherri December 27, , pm. I even got the cassette tapes of their seminar. His response was that by walking to the seminar he only used shoe leather.

He could have contributed a lot more to the economy by getting in a terrible car crash on the way, thus keeping ambulance drivers, doctors, insurance agents, car manufacturers,etc. It was just an interesting point that stuck with me.

Since then I have read it three times-last time buying the newest version. It helped me so much. I tracked for four full years and became extremely frugal which was a good thing because after having our fifth child, my dh lost his job and spent the next year unemployed.

We never had to wonder what our expenses were or how we were going to make it because I had been tracking all along. Darrow CanIRetireYet? January 2, , am. Thanks for the great synopsis of a book that has been on my reading list forever. I too internalized most of these lessons, even quoted from the book, but never read it! Frugal, perceptive early retirees are minimally impacted by either.

Thanks again for a thought provoking and very useful post! Much of what anybody needs to know about financial independence is condensed right here! To keep things non-promotional, please use a real name or nickname not Blogger My Blog Name.

The most useful comments are those written with the goal of learning from or helping out other readers — after reading the whole article and all the earlier comments. Take a look around. If you think you are hardcore enough to handle Maximum Mustache, feel free to start at the first article and read your way up to the present using the links at the bottom of each article. For more casual sampling, have a look at this complete list of all posts since the beginning of time or download the mobile app.

Go ahead and click on any titles that intrigue you, and I hope to see you around here more often. You might also like:. Finally, a Stock Market Crash!

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Ymoyl investing in penny motif investing.

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