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investing businessweek osim hk

Bloomberg Logo Bloomberg · APAC Regional Talent & Development Partner - Hong Kong. Hong Kong OSIM (HK) Company Limited Logo It is a puzzle and a shame that Osim's previous loyal investors may not yet another application to list on the Hong Kong stock exchange. SINGAPORE (Dec 4): Private equity firm KKR is investing up to $ million and services through its leading luxury and wellness brands including OSIM. WHO IS THE LARGEST FOREX BROKER On Win7 first building ID, enter works fine number that go for. For more is a. I have page enables port 21 in detail. The User two types to choose it is was renamed.

Mainland tourists were the highest spenders in , noted Lam, so retailers should be happy that this group is starting to return to the territory with slightly more open wallets. Lam shared that anecdotal reports from the industry suggests that sales of luxury items and cosmetic goods — which together account for around a third of total sales values — have passed its worst on the back of improving tourism activity.

The increase in mainland Chinese tourists can be traced to rising confidence in spending as the. Chinese economy regains its growth bearings. Although she added that in the longer term, they are less optimistic in terms of outlook. But the normalisation of US interest rates, the HSBC economist added, will eventually raise the mortgage burden of Hong Kong borrowers, posing risks to the fragile recovery.

Thomas Shik. UOB reckoned domestic demand has been a key growth driver since the second half of as the property market continued to boom and consumer spending stayed steady. Domestic demand rose by 5. Capital investment has notably led the expansion of domestic demand in recent quarters, rising 6. Hang Seng Bank acting chief economist Thomas Shik said that they expect consumer spending will remain as a main growth driver for the Hong Kong economy, further explaining that a strong labour market and favourable financial market conditions will spur on private consumption.

He forecasts a 2. This is despite the economic and political uncertainties around the world. He added that the segmentation of IPOs was more evenly distributed and that they are pleased to see companies from different industries and geographies all proactively looking for listing opportunities in Hong Kong.

Companies seeing IPOs are mainly from these sectors: industrial, retail, consumer goods, and services. Some of the biggest deals in the first half of have ties, one way or another, to firms or financial institutions from the mainland. In the whole region, the largest IPO deal for the first half of was that of technology firm Netmarble games,. Boost factor Asia Pacific, with its size and the stellar economic growth of its countries over the past few years, remains the biggest and most significant region in terms of growth and development in the IPO and equities markets in the first half of This is a remarkable development despite the continuous uncertainty in the global economic landscape.

Benson Wong. Capital flows out of China continue to represent the biggest area of uncertainty in capital markets in Asia Pacific. PwC forecasts a vibrant IPO market for Hong Kong driven by small and medium-sized enterprises that could result in a record-breaking IPOs over the course of the year.

He also expects a slowdown in IPO activity in mainland China after a spurt of listings in the first half of the year. According to PwC analysis, the number of IPOs in could reach a record high of whilst the fund to be raised will depend on whether large-sized IPOs can succeed as scheduled. An expected market trend of companies and investors focusing more on GEM Board paints a positive view of an emphasis of good performance in the second half of PwC analysis suggested that Hong Kong continues to be the most popular market for fund raising, attracting more overseas and mainland companies to get listed.

This is echoed by experts around the region. Deloitte Singapore deputy managing partner for markets Ernest Kan said that they are witnessing a development — that of companies in Singapore going for Hong Kong listings. Tham Tuck Seng, capital markets leader of PwC Singapore, shared that Hong Kong is already proving to be a stiff competition for Singapore and other Southeast Asian economies in terms of IPOs for companies originating from those markets.

PwC analysis suggested that there are reforms put forward by HKEX to clarify and strengthen the function of both mainboard and GEM board to respond to market demand and help attract more companies of various types and categories e. The volume of IPO funds raised by the end of is also projected to surpass levels with a number of IPO deals expected to be closed in the coming months before the end of the calendar year.

There were nine IPO deals — for both domestic and overseas stock markets — closed in the first half of this year, including one business trust transaction. This is the highest figure since for Singapore IPOs. Healthcare is also expected to maintain its position as a strong contributor to Singapore IPO. Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Trailblazer in comfort, efficiency, and technology The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is raising the bar when it comes to comfort and efficiency in luxury automobiles with a host of new technologies and innovations to blaze through market expectations.

Engineers and designers at Mercedes-Benz have put their heart and soul into every detail to make the new S-Class. Mercedes-Benz is all about staying true to the timeless elegance and beauty of its cars, but while the new S-Class is no exception to this rule, it achieves so much more. The new S-Class also features three torches of light as an exclusive exterior design feature.

Via 84 individually contrallable LEDs, the light is always switched on exactly where it is needed. World class comfort in style The interior of the new S-Class is as beautiful as ever with authentic materials, including open-pore woods as well as leather-trimmed door linings and waistlines, to complete a timeless design.

This optional feature links all the various comfort systems — from music, lighting, to air conditioning — in the vehicle together to tailor the mood and need of the driver and passengers. Six of the programmes, which run for 10 minutes, include Freshness, Warmth, Vitality, Joy, Comfort, and Training muscle relaxation, muscle activation, and balance , assuring everyone of an.

The new S-Class is not just about elegance technological innovation, and functionality — it also excels at road performance and engine efficiency. A completely new range of highly efficient engines, including a V8 biturbo with cylinder shutoff, is having its world debut in the new S-Class.

This also marks the world premiere of ground-breaking technologies such as the volt Integrated Starter Generator and the electric booster compressor. The technologies help the new S-Class models become more cost-effective through fuel efficiency as well as more environmentally friendly with less carbon emissions — truly setting the new S-Class apart from.

Safety has been an utmost priority in making the new S-Class more reliable on the road. In the automobile world, it takes a world of difference to stand out and excel. But with the new S-Class, Mercedes-Benz has given customers a one-of-a-kind luxury car that not only focuses on elegance and performance, but also on comfort, innovation, and sustainability. When it comes to the best choice for a luxury premium saloon, there is the new S-Class — and no other.

The only bank with a significant increase in talent, HSBC remains on top of the digital game, trailblazing in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Chinese enterprises are increasingly going global and banks can tap into this opportunity to strengthen their cross-border and cross-business initiatives. For Hang Seng, and probably for other banks with the same reach and coverage, future international trade flows, the evolving credit conditions, and the impact of the ongoing economic transition on the mainland will continue to create challenges and cast uncertainties.

The city is also trying to move with the times as regulators loosen up and find ways to ensure that policy does not hinder development in the highly. According to Yi Huiman, chairman of ICBC, the cross-border financial business is set to become an important development direction of the banking industry for Hong Kong, especially for Chinese banks. Yi said that the scale of the capital and trading-related cross-border financial business and level of business will expand and deepen as a result of these developments.

With stronger cross-border connections and expanding businesses, banks are pushed to increase their investments in the digital space in order to speed up their services. Stuart Gulliver, group chief executive of HSBC added they launched a research and development lab in partnership with the Hong Kong government to promote technology development for the financial sector. Areas of focus include biometrics, data analytics, cybersecurity and internet finance.

As banks explore the evolving world of digital, they are also looking for ways to bring innovation to every customer possible. ICBC Asia recently launched My Life, its local e-Commerce platform which serves to provide a more diverse sales channel and services to local enterprises. According to Wu Xiang Jiang, head of the electronic banking department, My Life is a comprehensive local e-Commerce platform facing all the customers in Hong Kong by targeting specific markets with personalized services.

We revamped our Business Internet Banking platform to expand our ability to provide a wide range of time-to-market products. Through In April, Hang Seng launched our Business Banking mobile its first public fund app, customers can now upload documentation for loan and card Kong market and financial services applications. For competitive advantages in capturing instance, Hang Seng has leveraged its new business and ensuring that the bank is well-positioned for sustainable customer segmentation strategy to long-term growth.

Despite tightening deepen customer relationships based interest margins due to the rise in the on needs-based selling. By engaging cost of renminbi funding, Hang Seng its customers and ensuring that their needs are met, Hang Seng has China recorded solid growth in its driven business growth and grown its balance sheet and maintained good cost control. We also began manufacturing funds on the Mainland. In April, Hang Seng Qianhai Fund Management Company Limited, our foreign majority-owned joint venture fund management company, launched its first public fund.

With the growth in net operating income outpacing the increase in operating expenses, we recorded a 2. Legal experts advise trust or company service providers TCSPs and designated non-financial businesses and professions DNFBPs to start preparing for the proposed changes by enhancing their customer due diligence CDD processes and control frameworks.

What are the proposed changes to the AMLO? All TCSPs would be required to be licensed within 90 days of a date to be determined. The AMLO would be amended to prescribe statutory CDD and record-keeping requirements applicable to solicitors, accountants, real estate agents, and for TCSPs when these professionals engage in specified transactions. This will require TCSPs to apply for What actions should affected firms take?

With over wellappointed guestrooms and suites, coupled with four dining outlets, guests can enjoy a memorable stay and hold one of its many events and conferences with us. The 5, ft2 function room is designed by award-winning architect Philip Liao, and showcases its unique, colour-changing LED crystal wall, which is also the signature icon of this elegant space.

In addition to the glamorous interior, the CRYSTAL is also well equipped with cuttingedge technology including professional audio-visual facilities, and discreet catering services, which all ensure a flawless and professional event for guests from start to finish. The Terrace located on the 7th floor provides the perfect setting for intimate gatherings including wedding banquets and.

Featuring an extensive, open-air space with natural green walls and sofa benches, The Terrace presents an exclusive and cosy ambience for all celebrations. Guests will savour the graceful and romantic atmosphere at day or night, indulging in the most delightful and memorable experience. Equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, a Health Club, a Business Centre and an Executive Lounge, the Hotel is a perfect place for both vacation and business stay.

Businesses devoted much of their time and efforts to significantly planning their advertising and marketing. An ROI-rich tactic? Clara Low, marketing manager of on-demand logistics startup Quorier, explained that viral marketing creates an intense buzz and hype for a short period of time within the digital realm, further noting that for any material to go viral, its content has to be creative, in-depth, and, ultimately, emotional to resonate with its audience.

According to Low, despite the abbreviated period associated with it, viral marketing — if implemented correctly — is able to effectively compete with traditional marketing, and to some extent, even prove to be cheaper.

A critical factor in the success of viral marketing is essentially the spontaneity factor — how spontaneous can an activity or occurrence get, and how a business is quick enough to exploit this event. What drives virality? Loh advised that as a rule of thumb for measuring return on investment, what businesses need is to have a clear perspective of the outputs, outcomes, and impact that is expected of any marketing initiative.

Because of the spontaneity factor, viral marketing can also result in a backlash for businesses if not harnessed. Brands that hop blindly onto the bandwagon without conducting ample homework with regard to concept, public sensitivity, and timeliness can often backfire otherwise good natured intentions. Messaging remains a critical factor to the success of viral marketing campaigns. Low noted that companies should always ensure the message intent is strongly aligned with their brand image and values of the company whilst having fun.

Meanwhile, as businesses embrace viral marketing, it is important for other teams and departments to offer adequate support and backing in order for campaigns to run smoothly. How is viral marketing expected to play out? Benny Chow, chief marketing officer and co-founder of local photo studio Firefly Photography, advised that all marketers should start working with brand managers to start developing authentic viral marketing efforts that tap into the message of the brand and efforts that evoke emotions in short multimedia products.

Moving forward, how is viral marketing expected to play out? Experts agree that the playing field can only get bigger and better given the rapid expansion of the latest technology, thus, accelerating the growth of viral marketing. Ang noted that there will also be increased use of platforms like WeChat, the most popular messaging app developed in China. Notably, the proportion of financial services has increased to This has put the local trade and logistics sector under pressure.

Hong Kong is facing new challenges over how to incorporate new technology and innovation into its economy to retain its global status. For example, according to the report Fintech and the Evolving Landscape: Landing points for the industry structure April by the consultancy Accenture, total global investments in fintech marked an eleven-fold increase from to However, Hong Kong has only started to see more investment in fintech since , a few years behind other global financial centres, such as New York, London and Singapore.

The growth of Shenzhen and Shanghai, two of the tier-one cities in China, also highlights the importance of technology in economic growth. Although both grew much faster than Hong Kong in the last 20 years, 5. Chinese Capital gains influence in Hong Kong In , the Hong Kong market was opened up to fundraising by China-incorporated companies, listings known as H-shares.

Benefiting from the increasing fund raising needs of Chinese companies in Hong Kong, Bloomberg has reported that nine of the ten leading underwriters of IPOs are mainland Chinese companies in , whereas the list was made up of local and global firms 20 years ago.

In the early s, Hong Kong-based enterprises invested heavily in mainland China. Chinese entities are now increasingly directing their capital overseas instead of reinvesting into China. As the closest foreign market, Hong Kong has witnessed heavy inflows of Chinese capital. According to RCA data, Hong Kong surpassed Sydney as the second most popular destination for Chinese outbound property investment after New York in , with en bloc office buildings and residential development sites being the most popular assets for Chinese investors and developers.

During the GFC, by contrast, expansion by financial occupiers gave way to heavy retrenchment, and rents declined. In recent years, PRC companies have become a new driver for office space demand in Central, partly triggered by the launch of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect system.

Multinational companies have been using serviced offices, predominantly located in core and fringe CBD areas, in order to achieve flexibility and proximity to clients. Meanwhile, co-working space has become increasingly popular due to the rise of the millennial workforce. At the same time, several business centres which used to provide only traditional serviced offices and meeting rooms have started a new business line, offering coworking space to absorb growing needs from tenants.

The positive development in the retail market supported by the return of Chinese tourists to Hong Kong has yet translated into higher retail rent for high street shops. With an increasing number of shops renewed their lease with lower rents, the average rent of street-level shops should gradually stabilise and a moderate rebound in at the earliest. Newer brands have taken advantage of the current rental market and moved into first tier locations in prime shopping districts.

Flatted factories have lost a total of 13 million sq ft of stock over two decades. This scheme was terminated in March Mrs Lam also proposed further relaxations on the usage limits of certain industrial buildings to encourage creative industries and co-working space. Existing government policy has encouraged industrial buildings to be redeveloped or refurbished for nonindustrial uses and has resulted in a reduction of total industrial building supply. Given Amid the adjustment of abnormal growth driven by speculative activity, the former Chief Executive Tung Chee-Hwa proposed during his first Policy Address to build 85, residential units per year starting from While this statement hit home prices further, the worst was to come in when Hong Kong experienced recession and the crisis caused by the SARS epidemic.

The former Secretary of Housing, Planning and Lands, Mr Michael Suen, believed that oversupply was one of the key reasons for the slump in home prices and announced a batch of nine stimulus measures including suspension of regular land sales in These remained in force until These stimulus measures helped fuel investment demand.

Concerned about another housing bubble, the government has started to intervene in the market by setting higher stamp duties and lower loan ratios for buyers. Thanks to the cooling measures, transactions involving resale within 24 months remained low at 0. We consider the continuing growth in Hong Kong home prices to be healthier than in the past, since it is driven more by the shortage of supply than by speculation. However, in and the number of negative equity cases surged to a record high.

The Greater Bay Area is one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world. High business operating costs and living costs have hindered the development of new economies. The government needs to expedite the development of a wider transportation network and the creation of new developable land.

New investment opportunities on city fringe We anticipate that the development focus of Hong Kong will shift from the urban core surrounding Victoria Harbour to the fringe areas adjacent to key border crossings and along new infrastructure corridors. Hong Kong will transform itself into a multi-polar urban framework with key investment opportunities emerging in the New Territories, especially in areas with close proximity to future border crossings: 1.

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, and the Tung Chung New Town extension have the potential to create a new economic hub focusing on regional business integration. Promoted by the government, the project should create spill-over effects and generate new residential and commercial demand to be accommodated in the surrounding areas.

Re-energising the urban core On the other hand, we foresee more investment will be involved in urban-core redevelopment, which is required to maintain a vibrant urban centre. Together with the current office and industrial building stock, the extent of the number of aged buildings will hinder future economic development in Hong Kong. Successful urban redevelopment projects, such as Langham Place in Mongkok, the Avenue in Wan Chai, and the ongoing Taikoo Place redevelopment have been effective in re-energising the older community structure by bringing in new business activities and a growing millennial community.

Market watchers have seen no slowdown in the upward trend, but have started looking for the top of the market. Despite the government pulling on the regulatory Residential sales volume. Yet, rising interest rates, geopolitical risks, and increasing supply are adding to fears that the market may crash back down.

Demand from owner-occupiers, however, remains strong and whilst affordability has deteriorated, we estimate that at least half of all households still have the financial strength to participate in the private housing market. Moreover, the deadlock in the secondary market continues to funnel buyers into the primary market, which in turn, further supports prices. According to Demographia, a ratio of 3. Yet, we believe that the price-to-income ratio is a poor indicator of housing affordability in Hong Kong.

Save for a brief period between the bursting of the dot. Over the past 25 years, the ratio has averaged In our opinion, a more meaningful measure of affordability is the Debt Servicing Ratio DSR , or the amount of monthly household income apportioned to servicing mortgage repayments. Given these factors, it seems unlikely that any initial interest rate hikes will have a meaningful effect on the housing market.

Still plenty of buyers Despite the strong run-up in prices, we argue that there is still an adequate number of households that can afford to participate in the private housing market. Our analysis assumes that the buyer.

While there are no official figures available on mainland Chinese buyers in the local housing market, an estimate of their participation can be derived from government statistics on transactions involving BSD.

Yet mainland Chinese buyers continue to dominate transactions at the top end of the residential market. Of the five most expensive residential properties transacted in the city in terms of lump size , three have involved mainland buyers. The pace of growth, however, is likely to slow and may become lumpy as the normalisation ofinterest rates continues.

For first-time homebuyers looking to get on the housing ladder, the primary market will continue to provide the most opportunities, especially with developers now becoming more willing to provide financing. The best value is likely to be found in areas where more new supply is expected to be completed. With the government tightening its grip on the market, it is likely only to be palatable for those taking a long view.

We believe that the property price balloon will not burst, but rather will continue to weather any market turbulence to rise slowly and bumpily upwards over the near term. The most recent survey was conducted in the second half of June , and managers of SMEs across nine industries were interviewed.

The survey contains nine standard questions to determine the changes SME managers expect in various aspects of their business in the coming quarter. It is therefore not surprising to see weakening sentiment among Hong Kong SMEs after a strong Q2 bounce, confirming their lingering cautiousness. An otherwise weaker set of industry sub-indices also showed some silver linings.

The Q reading is still the second highest since Q and is c. This confirms a genuine improvement in the macroeconomic backdrop since That said, our SME respondents are still generally pessimistic. All but one main index sub-components remain below the 50 neutral mark. Only two of the nine main industry sub-indices rose in Q3. Moreover, all nine industry sub-indices are higher now than a year earlier. Over the past month, pressure has intensified, with the China Banking Regulatory Commission CBRC reportedly cutting off funding for some overseas acquisitions.

Offshore-financed investment will likely also decline under closer scrutiny, with offshore USD senior note issuance a key indicator we are watching. We see a drop in Chinese demand pressuring real estate transaction volumes near term and potentially creating headwinds for prices over the medium term.

According to Real Capital Analytics,. Office property is most exposed, with Manhattan, central London and Hong Kong markets of focus. Global property markets In United States, China was the largest foreign investor in and the second largest in US sales. When sellers return, the absence of one of the largest investors in recent years could exacerbate pressure on the CRE market, where we argue prices have peaked.

In United Kingdom, sterling weakness has been the key driver of Chinese real estate investment in the UK. Marginal demand matters, and we think central London property values — both commercial and residential — are likely to be the most exposed to a sharp slowdown in Chinese activity, even without a reversal of capital flows.

A switch of acquisition appetite from office to development land sites: Since 2H16, Hong Kong witnessed an influx of capital from the Mainland into the land market. High land prices boosted the residential market sentiment and hence prices. Chinese favor residential sites Chinese companies generally participated in residential land tenders and were less interested in commercial land.

This could be because of faster asset turn and higher IRR as companies can sell the completed residential units after completion in four years, while disposing commercial properties could be more difficult. Chinese companies tend to favor urban residential sites than suburban ones. But we are now seeing increased participation for a recent suburban site tender. As discussed earlier, Chinese companies used to acquire physical assets, in particular office buildings, rather than development sites.

The peak time was probably during 4Q15 to 3Q However, the level of intensity declined from 2H16 onward. The Internet of Things is enabling machines to perform at speeds and levels of complexity beyond human capability. How job automation will reshape corporate office demand in Asia Pacific Robotics and artificial intelligence are expected to have a profound impact on jobs and the nature of work.

During the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, the creation of the factory system, which used powered machinery and centralised workplaces to mass-produce goods, rendered many craft workers obsolete. At the same time, however, it made products cheaper for general households and created new job opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

In Asia Pacific, rapid industrialisation and urbanisation has transformed the composition of the regional workforce over the past 40 years. The latest wave of technological evolution, which includes robotics and artificial intelligence, is expected to have a far more profound impact on jobs and the nature of work. New advances have led to the development of intelligent machines and enabled computers to selfimprove by deep learning.

The Internet of Things — the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects — is enabling machines to perform a greater variety and number of tasks, at speeds and levels of complexity far beyond human capability.

Here are 7 jumbo flats that are 1, sq ft and above for those who want a big space or have large families. Handy guide to keep up with the personal finance schemes and decisions we have to make in Singapore. Tata Steel had said in April all its manufacturing sites in India, the UK and the Netherlands had sourced alternative supplies of raw materials to end its dependence on Russia, adding it was taking "a conscious decision to stop doing business with Russia.

Giant is extending its ongoing weekday senior citizen discount to include the weekend of June. Why is Giant doing this? A majority of Singaporeans in a survey expect inflation pressure to continue for the next 12 months, according to DBS Group. You can expect additional subsidies with clawback, year MOP, and tighter eligibility criteria for resale buyers. Planning a trip out of Singapore?

Here are four nifty tips and tricks to save on the travel insurance for your upcoming trip! The deal helped billionaire Mukesh Ambani's Reliance slash its heavy debt load. Here are four dividend stocks you can consider buying and then socking away for decades. With its continued efforts to promote eco-friendly initiatives, Starstreet Precinct is offering a "Recycle Your Bottles" initiative to collect recyclable plastic bottles and use them for building the Christmas decor.

Buy an HDB flat or rent one, which one should it be? For those looking to have their own place in , here are some pros and cons of each the housing situations in Singapore. Read on to find out more. Amazing as it sounds, here are three local stocks that have doled out dividends over two decades or more. Adriel Chan, Vice Chair 1st from the right , Mr.

Weber Lo, Chief Executive Officer 2nd from the left and se. Singapore markets closed. Straits Times Index 3, Dow 30, Nasdaq 11,

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Yahoo Finance. Sign in. Sign in to view your mail. Finance Home. ContextLogic Inc. Currency in USD. Add to watchlist. Market open. Top Reactions. Reply Replies 1. Traffic is growing for days. And only when the funds from Russell start to start on June Not selling. U will loss more than shorting wish currently- be wise and cover it. Reply Replies 3. Deep red across the market and Wish pretty much holding. What's the story, is accumulation phase over?

I would still like a bit more time to buy a few more of these cheap shares of possible. The ebb and flow of markets could impact your investment strategy. Make informed investment decisions with our curated market insights and trend updates. Tap on our take on the market to see how to allocate your money into different asset classes.

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Economic data telling investors to become more cautious, says investment strategist

This webpage maintains a database of judgments especially related to mediation.

Investing businessweek osim hk It is by no means an exhaustive list of the above mentioned material. This also marks the world premiere of ground-breaking technologies such as the volt Integrated Starter Generator and the electric booster compressor. Sensible and non-confrontational resolution para US sales. Low noted that companies should always ensure the message intent is strongly aligned with their brand image and values of the company whilst having fun. Back-offices hit the hardest: Job automation will have the strongest impact on administrative jobs.
Forex books 2017 Singapore markets closed. Oddup is a data-driven research platform founded in which provides investment statistics using data and analysis. That said, our SME respondents are still generally pessimistic. Someone who is born and raised in London, and spent most of his life there, will certainly identify himself as a Londoner. According to RCA data, Hong Kong surpassed Sydney as the second most popular destination for Chinese outbound property investment after New York inwith en bloc office buildings and residential development sites being the most popular assets for Chinese investors and developers.
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Economic data telling investors to become more cautious, says investment strategist

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