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Investing schmitt trigger working in oregon

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investing schmitt trigger working in oregon

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And that's a nice thing to know. This after its chairman, president, chief executive officer and largest single stockholder, William W. Sherertz, died unexpectedly Jan. The price jump came after Oct. Executives say they've been able to raise prices for its services and get more employers to use its payroll and human-resource management services.

The next five top performers are Oregon business stalwarts. They also are among the few whose stock prices now top their pre-recession levels. Precision's sales grew 19 percent in the second quarter ended Oct. The prices of. With interest rates at rock-bottom levels, short-term CDs paying next to nothing and bond yields dropping, investors opted for stocks that consistently pay dividends to meet their income needs.

Its stock jumped 16 percent. The macroeconomic trends benefiting these companies did not lift everyone. Most of the drop came after the company last summer said revenues would fall short of expectations. A warm winter also might've soured scrooges, er, investors on the outerwear maker, said Sara Hasan, senior analyst with McAdams Wright Ragen Inc.

Production constraints forced it to turn away business, though it's now expanding in Hillsboro. Its products -- wireless chips -- figure to remain in demand in the foreseeable future; a pair. Two banks -- PremierWest Bancorp and Cascade Bancorp -- lost 76 and 48 percent of their stock value respectively as investors fled banks that are too weak to absorb a troubled peer, Dickson said. Unlike in , when banks were still failing, the Oregonian Index didn't contract.

But it didn't expand either. The market for initial public offerings hardened as markets got volatile in late summer. Tripwire, for instance,. Metal-parts manufacturer. Erickson Air-Crane Inc. For ? The index could gain its first new member since Oregon's last IPO in And Dickson of D. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local.

Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Ad Choices. Lithia Motors' stock increased 57 percent in , the second-highest increase among The Oregonian's Index of publicly traded Oregon-based companies.

Lithia Motors Inc. Barrett Business Services Inc. Precision Castparts Corp. Portland General Electric Co. The Greenbrier Cos. Mentor Graphics Corp. West Coast Bancorp. Triquint Semiconductor, Inc. Cascade Bancorp. Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. First, he turned the board over and brought in new leadership to conduct a thorough supply chain assessment. Zapata subsequently led the management team through an optimization of pricing, inventory, and operations, and drove a culture around data-driven decision making and accountability.

The SBS business line is a cyclical and capital intensive business, and Zapata realized he had to decide whether to put more capital into the company or find a new home that was more of a strategic fit. After executing quickly on the first step of value creation, Zapata released his vision for the next phase of the Schmitt investment during a December shareholders meeting presentation. See the table below from the December meeting.

Zapata laid out his plan for the Xact and Acuity business lines, which is detailed further in the presentation. We had the chance to speak with Zapata about his plans for the business lines and over the next year or two we believe the leadership team will allocate a modest amount of capital and resources to each business in an effort to capture market share and spur growth and profitability improvements. As any good leadership team should do, they plan to deploy capital based on the most attractive return on investment to shareholders.

It seems clear that, according to the above analysis, the market is not only under-pricing the hard assets but also ascribing zero, if not negative, value to the two operating companies at Schmitt. The key questions for us to become comfortable with this investment were:. Mike Zapata was kind enough to take some time to discuss some of our questions recently, allowing us to go directly to the source in order to crystallize our thoughts.

After talking with the CEO and doing our own research on the businesses and real estate markets involved, we are encouraged with the potential of the investment. In our view, the stated real estate value is quite conservative because of the newly signed lease in the Tosei transaction. Without going into too much detail, there are clear growth opportunities and value in both the Xact and Acuity lines.

Similar to SBS, there are also margin expansion opportunities for both businesses. We are comfortable that the businesses are worth something to future owners and even assigning conservative valuations to each outlined in table 2 represent meaningful upside. Even if no growth materializes after a year or two, the board can still execute value creating activities with the real estate and cash assets to close the gap between market price and intrinsic value.

Finally, providing further margin of safety, Schmitt recently announced it intends to de-list from the Nasdaq in order to save on the associated costs. The reason for the sell-off is simple — institutional investors often cannot hold stocks not listed on exchanges, and therefore must sell.

Due to continued forced selling since this announcement, the company has traded near or below net-cash for the past few weeks. Taking all of this into account, we see the following outcomes as realistic possibilities. Based on comparable transactions and considering their competitive positions we value Acuity and Xact at 1.

Finally, we anticipate realizing value within approximately two years. One dynamic worth mentioning is that it seems likely the stock price will not move appreciably in one direction or another while the team works on executing the plan over the next years until a value-creating event takes place. Demonstrating meaningful progress on growth, a real estate transaction, completion of the buyback, or an outright sale of the business are a few of the catalysts we think are most likely.

Only time will tell and we are happy to remain patient. Considering the protected downside, shareholder-friendly management team, and numerous value-creation catalysts, Schmitt represents an attractive investment with a positively skewed risk vs.

We look forward to investing alongside Sententia Capital Management over the coming years and will provide updates to our thesis in our semi-annual letter to investors. Disclosure: The author, Eagle Point Capital, or their affiliates may own the securities discussed. This blog is for informational purposes only. Nothing should be construed as investment advice. Please read our Terms and Conditions for further details. Subscribe Contact Us. Now on to an interesting investment in which we recently finished building a position… Schmitt Industries Investment Summary At Eagle Point Capital we invest in two situations: temporarily undervalued long-term compounders that have the runway to earn high returns on reinvested capital for many years, and special situations that offer periodic asymmetric upside against a well-protected downside.

SBS Turnaround and Transaction. Valuation and Expected Returns It seems clear that, according to the above analysis, the market is not only under-pricing the hard assets but also ascribing zero, if not negative, value to the two operating companies at Schmitt. The key questions for us to become comfortable with this investment were: - What are the hard assets most likely worth?

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