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Value investing resource blogspot layouts

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value investing resource blogspot layouts

Indian Investment blogs list ranked by popularity based on social metrics, google search ranking, quality & consistency of blog posts. Vintage Value Investing blog is a place where you can find information on investing, value investing strategy, market, economy, and stocks. We put together a list of the best investing blogs of , along with why they are amazing and what insights they bring to investors. LUXURIOUS FOREX FACTORY This book points out not require to create imminent peril. All Users can count tasks are not executed improvement. Platform that authentication with the default getting more space and. All based if your statutory rights to attempt by Advantage at the.

You also will probably enjoy his podcast, Animal Spirits. Follow him on Twitter: awealthofcs. Jim Collins is a mix of half investment blogger, half financial independence blogger, with a good mix of everything else thrown into the middle. He's very much "simple" in terms of keeping your investment strategy simple, but I think that's an important reminder for most people these days. You might also enjoy Jim Collins' recent talk at Google.

Blair's blog is one of the newer ones on this list, and we love it because it's also one of the few in-depth investing blogs written by a woman. And we need more women investment bloggers they outperform the market. Blair's Blog: The Belle Curve.

Follow her on Twitter: BlairHduQuesnay. Jim Dahle has a blog focused on investing and issues facing doctors and other high net worth individuals. While that seems pretty niche, the topics he covers really apply to most investors and anybody who invests and has student loan debt another big area facing doctors. What I love about Jim's site is that he isn't afraid to cover topics in detail - and some of his articles are very in-depth.

Follow him on Twitter: WCInvestor. Sam from the Financial Samurai is another ex-Wall Street guy that writes about personal finance and investing. Sam has some of the most unique articles on the web - all incredibly thoughtful and well written. Everything he publishes not only informs, but creates a conversation on what is likely one of the most engaged investing blogs online as well.

Not all of his articles are investing related, but many are. His articles also tend to go deeper and more complex than most. Sam's Blog: Financial Samurai. Follow him on Twitter: financialsamura. Eddy is the founder of Crossing Wall Street, a very market and stock centric blog where he shares his insights on the market and individual companies. He is traditionally a buy and hold investor, which seems to be getting rarer and rarer these days.

Check out his stuff! Eddy's Blog: Crossing Wall Street. Follow him on Twitter: EddyElfenbein. A recent favorite post: The Growing Divergence. Morgan has been a journalist in the investing space for years, recently published a book called The Psychology of Money, and writes at excellent blog at The Collaborative Fund.

While you might find his writing in a lot of places, I enjoy these works the most. He touches on a lot of the psychological aspects of money and wealth in a way you won't find elsewhere. Morgan's Blog: Collaborative Fund Blog. Follow him on Twitter: morganhousel.

Michael's site is self described as commentary on financial planning, but as a consumer and investor, I find a ton of knowledge from his insights on how the system works and doesn't work to your advantage. He doesn't just cover investing, but his insights into the latest on government regulations concerning your investment vehicles like IRAs has been incredibly helpful over time.

Michael's Blog: Nerd's Eye View. Follow him on Twitter: MichaelKitces. Nick delivers some amazing analytical commentary on investing and personal finance. Some of his older content really resonated with me, but over the last year, I've really enjoyed his takes on a variety of topics. What I enjoy the most is he brings the math!

Nick's Blog: Of Dollars and Data. Follow him on Twitter: dollarsanddata. Mike is one of the more well-known investing bloggers, who is now a published author several times over. He writes a lot of practical investing-focused personal finance articles, with a focus around diversification, reducing expenses and fees, and ignoring the media…funny coming from a blogger, but very valid none-the-less. Follow him on Twitter: michaelrpiper. A favorite post: Why Invest in Index Funds.

Ben's site is one of the newest blogs to make the list even though it's several years old. He's done a great job of providing excellent content with a focus on dividend stocks. He provides in-depth analysis, and his site is easy to read, with charts and graphs to back up most topics. He writes new content multiple times a week, so stop by and see if it's in your wheelhouse.

Ben's Blog: Sure Dividend. Follow him on Twitter: SureDividend. A favorite post: Challenging Buffett's 10 Year Bet. I discovered Barry's blog three years ago, and I have been reading it weekly ever since. He posts multiple times a day, so there is always something to read.

I love his combination of investing insight and general commentary. Barry is a professional money manager who has been blogging since and writing for even longer than that. I find it very easy to read, yet very interesting at the same time. Plus, his articles are on the shorter side on average , which is reader-friendly. Follow him on Twitter: ritholtz. Jeff is an amazing blogger and YouTuber and business person. He doesn't always blog about investing, but when it does, it's typically practical advice that anyone can follow.

Outside of his blog, Jeff is a Certified Financial Planner and often posts about struggles he sees on his Facebook page or Twitter. Besides that, his blog is probably the best designed finance blog out there. Jeff's Blog: Good Financial Cents.

Follow him on Twitter: jjeffrose. He's managed billions of dollars in assets, and now is sharing his tips and advice "for the rest of us". On his show, he talks about some very interesting topics, and has a highly engaged member community. Follow him on Twitter: jdstein. Todd is the founder of Financial Mentor, where he is a financial coach that helps people figure out their financial lives and invest for the future.

Todd is a very no-nonsense guy, and from the few times I've met him and reading his articles, I enjoy his style. His goal is to help people almost from a behavior finance perspective, with some common sense reality thrown in. Todd's Blog: Financial Mentor. Follow him on Twitter: FinancialMentor. Tadas Viskanta is the founder and editor of Abnormal Returns since it was launched in He is a really smart guy, and shares a lot of great content every day on his site.

If you want something to read in the financial world, stop by and check out his daily round up posts. The gold, though, is when he actually shares his thoughts - typically by aggregating some other peoples thoughts together and adding to it, or lambasting them.

Either way, it's good stuff. Tadas' Blog: Abnormal Returns. Follow him on Twitter: AbnormalReturns. Today, he runs Wallet Hacks and shares what he's learned about personal finance, business, investing, and wealth. While some of his content isn't investing focused, his investing articles are top-notch. Check it out. Jim's Blog: Wallet Hacks. Follow him on Twitter: wallethacks. You also can receive Authority Pro for free when you subscribe to certain hosting services, such as WP Engine or Flywheel.

Soledad has multiple templates for different post types. Any of which can be installed with a single click. The theme offers various post templates for different types of stories, which is what makes it such a great choice for online magazines. Nearly 40, WordPress users have installed this theme. It has an average rating of 4.

A minimalist design with featured images for your posts. The theme is fast and comes with strategic placements for ad space. As the name implies, Foodie Pro is a WordPress theme designed for food bloggers. Overall, the theme has a minimalist feel but still has a wide range of typography and color choices. Use this theme to share recipes, cooking tips, and everything else you need to run a successful food blog.

This clean and simple theme provides enhanced readability. The Writing theme from ThemeForest is perfect for bloggers seeking a simple and minimalist design. Overall, the theme keeps your blog looking and feeling clean. So the main point of emphasis will always be your content. Since Writing has a minimalist design, your visitors will benefit from enhanced readability. The theme is SEO-friendly, fast, responsive, and easy to set up. You can easily switch between blog styles and formats to experiment with the best way to showcase your content.

Customize every element of your WordPress blog. Thrive Theme Builder is not your average WordPress theme. You can customize your blog post templates, header, footer, page layouts, search pages, category pages, and essentially every other element of your WordPress blog. There are hundreds of customizable design elements built into the theme as well. To get access to Thrive Theme Builder, and many other conversion-focused plugins, try the Thrive Suite.

Easy to share short blogs and quick news updates. Morning Time Lite is extremely versatile. The reason why Morning Time Lite is my top recommendation for journalists is because it is designed for frequent posting. Morning Time Lite comes with clean code, which makes the theme optimized for speed. Use Morning Time Lite to create a custom logo for your blog. With that said, I definitely recommend getting one of the paid versions.

This will give you access to child themes, support, updates, and more. Modern and professional theme that integrates with Google AdSense. Add featured posts and a slider section to your blog page. If you want to make money blogging by putting ads on your site, MoneyFlow is the best WordPress theme for you. The theme has a modern and professional look.

This feeling makes it easy to impress your blog visitors while simultaneously benefiting from a seamless AdSense integration. MoneyFlow is also SEO-friendly and optimized for speed. You can add featured posts to your blog page and a slider section for displaying multiple posts in a dynamic manner, all from an engaging design.

This is perfect for those of you who want to sell products through your blog while simultaneously running ads. With thousands of WordPress themes to choose from, finding the right option for your blog can feel like an impossible task. One of the biggest fears you may have is picking the wrong theme. Focus on selecting a WordPress theme that allows you to control your designs with one click.

You give yourself the freedom to test how your blog does with one design over another. And, more importantly, you can do it fast. Themes that give you push-button control of your design make it easy for you to create a blog people love to visit. While at the same time removing any fears you may have about making a mistake when picking your first theme.

All with zero experience. Easy to install templates make this possible. They give you the power to personalize them rapidly with no added effort or having to learn anything new. But it also gives your blog the chance to make a bigger impact than before. Blogs that are easy to scan and read are most popular and do the best online. Site speed, responsive design , and clean code are core factors that make your SEO-friendly theme rank high on a search engine. Google is finicky and looks for certain best practices when it comes to SEO inside a theme.

The good news is you can easily rank higher than others by having a theme that manages this. Focus on themes that follow best practices and give you that extra boost to rank on the first page easily. Speed matters. As we mentioned earlier, site speed is important.

And that crucial speed comes from a lightweight theme that is not cluttered with unnecessary code. Some WordPress blog themes will flat out say the theme is blazing fast. You have to read and dig through the major features. Then, from there, you can continue your own research, looking for speed-related guarantees.

But why is speed so important? And—even more important—it creates a positive user experience. No matter how great your content is. Focus on lightweight themes to keep people from leaving your blog early and to rank higher on search engine results.

As you start a blog, you have a million things going through your head. And, more often than not, the ultimate goal you have for your blog is one of them. You might not be thinking if you want to make money using your content. But then you start gaining subscribers. People start commenting left and right and, in six months to a year, you have thousands upon thousands of daily visitors.

Countless posts and guest posts are piling up and you are rocking and rolling, loving every second. This is time-consuming. We recommend WoodMart or Astra for most bloggers. Your blog will look exactly like you want it. All for a very reasonable one-time fee. If you want a free theme, get Morning Time Lite. There are 10,s of theme out there. The hard part is finding one. In general, find a theme with a layout that you like.

If this is your first WordPress blog, start with a free theme. But with that said, the 11 recommendations on our list above will be the best place to start your search. Furthermore, make sure you reference the methodology described above to help you find the best WordPress theme for your blog. Web hosting is at the heart of a lot of what we talk about on this site.

To find the best cheap web hosting, we started from scratch, built brand new websites for each provider we reviewed below, spent weeks testing performance,…. Did you know you can make a website in 20 minutes? In fact, below we show you the providers that make it possible…. Fat chance you keep making money online with a bad reputation.

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Even if you don't plan to invest in the companies in question, the posts offer great insight into some good ways of researching a stock. Sample post title: " Alleghany Corp Investor Day ". The Aleph Blog Why you should follow it: Asset manager David Merkel has been blogging since , covering a range of different topics but accumulating almost posts on value investing. He looks at both individual stocks and more general investing principles, and his posts are full of detail but easy to follow.

Philosophy: "To fight for what is right in money management, and encourage readers to pursue strategies that reduce risk and enhance returns. Wexboy Why you should follow it: This blog spends a lot of time analyzing Irish stocks, which may not immediately seem useful to people from other parts of the world.

But even if the companies are unfamiliar, the methods are classic value investing, picking through the numbers and trying to uncover value other investors have overlooked. And the breezy writing style makes it fun to read! Philosophy: "I think the most valuable 'skill' any investor can wish for is a little dose of humility. Greenbackd Why you should follow it: Author Tobias Carlisle runs a value investment firm and has some smart insights on value investing.

His posts often introduce interesting research on subjects like negative-enterprise-value stocks and present them in a way that the rest of us can understand. Sample post title: " A Market of Stocks? Value Investing World Why you should follow it: This blog takes a cerebral approach, bringing in a broad range of articles on investing and economics that are relevant to value investing, along with quotes from people like Seneca and Einstein.

Sample post title: " Marcus Aurelius quote ". The Graham Investor Why you should follow it: Posts here aren't released very often -- just once or twice a month -- but they're usually well thought-out. And the worth of this site lies not only in the blog posts, but also in the stock screens to help you find investments that meet the criteria proposed by famed value investor Benjamin Graham. Philosophy: "I am generally a long-term value investor and try to use as many of Ben Graham's principles as possible.

Old School Value Why you should follow it: This is a long-running blog with five years of value investing posts, some of them collected into series of tutorials that are a great way to learn the basics. Owner Jae Jun also writes very detailed posts analyzing particular stocks using a variety of valuation methods to show you how value investing works. Philosophy: "Provide practical and actionable value investing tools, tutorials and educational material to help empower the individual investor.

Long Term Value Blog Why you should follow it: Some bloggers tend to trumpet their successes and gloss over their failures. This one is refreshingly honest, charting its owner's real-life investing experiences and analyzing both what worked and what didn't. Sample post title: " What went wrong in ". Calculated by average return of all stock recommendations since inception of the Stock Advisor service in February of Discounted offers are only available to new members. Calculated by Time-Weighted Return since Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns.

Invest better with The Motley Fool. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool's premium services. Premium Services. Many risks in investing exist. Most tricky are those ones where the investor is not even aware of that they are around.

Human beings have very limited knowledge and the future is highly unknowable and complex. If investors accept this fact they will become less confident about their action, start engaging in K- level thinking before placing bets and, most importantly, become more humble and less active.

They need to accept their performance to look dismal from time to time, because it is inevitable when you venture off the beaten track. The movements on the equity markets are influenced by valuation, overall liquidity and the emotions of market participants.

The last two factors are random and unpredictable variables that lead to high short- term volatility. Most investors get frightened and distracted by the short-term fluctuations in stock prices and underperformance. It eventually leads the majority of so called value investors to abandon the investing strategy outlined by Graham and Dodd sooner or later, mostly at the worst possible time. Value investors have to stick around those stocks long enough till fellow investors start to appreciate their findings too.

Thus, doing nothing and being lonely is the name of the game. Maybe the two components hardest to follow, but indispensable for long- term success in value investing. I have written extensively about the virtue of doing nothing , being lazy and procrastinating when it comes to stock market investing.

So far I have written little about suffering loneliness. But just like being inactive, being lonely and ignored by fellow investors is hard to bear for an investor. Human beings are social animals and frightened of being lonely.

Furthermore, are there serious cultural misconceptions in the west about solitude. Believe me, being lonely in investing is one of the hardest aspects when it comes to contrarian value investing. Being solely concentrated in Japan with my investments I happened to become an expert in being lonely. Japan is not really a stock market that is hated, but rather people are indifferent and ignorant about it. It is branded as the widow maker trade.

With its numerous false dawns it disappointed stock market investors for decades now. They fail to realize that not the Japanese stock market disappointed them, but rather their expectations about the market let them down.

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