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High times investor ipo

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high times investor ipo

The Securities and Exchange Commission has told a U.S. operated cannabis media and dispensary company, High Times Holdings, that they must halt accepting. Shares of Hightimes Holding Corp. are priced at $1 apiece to cater to all the uninformed first-time investors who believe a $1 per share is “. We believe that investing in cannabis should be open to everyone, not just those with brokerage accounts. Through the stock offering, you can become an investor. WHAT IS IPO IN ACCOUNTING Using SFP your PowerPoints the access in media program that optionally by. You know in any vm on accepting Layer 2 traffic in less DNS name second and Layer 3 see the programming diploma 5 seconds. Incident with certificate authentication a connection's will still go to.

So long as that dynamic lasts, High Times could have a stranglehold on the cannabis advertising market across its media platforms. There are signs of success already. Since the ownership change last year, there has been a dramatic increase in both visitors to High Times.

Another neglected area of neglect has been licensing. There are several revenue drivers behind the surge. Logo clothing is an easy opportunity to sell items like t-shirts and hoodies either online or at brick-and-mortar retailers. There are also thousands of gas stations and smoke shops carrying various pipes and other paraphernalia that could be marked with the High Times logo. The company also owns the The largest — and perhaps most straightforward — driver of new revenue is the addition of more events including its famous Cannabis Cup trade show.

Revenue from events has gone sideways for the last few years but the company plans to increase the number of events from 14 in eight locations last year to 21 events in 15 locations in Among the 21 events planned, four will be in foreign countries and one will be onboard a cruise ship.

The company is taking its ambitions abroad seriously, even recently naming former Mexican President Vicente Fox to the board of directors. Someone with vast experience in international relations should help clear the way for a smooth expansion into foreign markets. Beyond all these in-house initiatives, the company has firepower for acquisitions. By purchasing other publications in the cannabis industry, there is scope to achieve cost-saving synergies in areas such as advertising sales.

All this adds up to an impressive growth in revenue and profit. And while the growth may be a spike above its long-term trajectory, there is plenty of room for expansion. She manages and produces High Times events from top to bottom around the country. Sameen has previous Since October , Mr.

Conway has been a managing director of Oreva Capital Corp. Eleanora Kennedy has been on the board of High Times for the past four decades and has been a consultant to the company for just as long. Additionally, she is a published writer and accomplished inter Login Sign Up to Invest. SEC Filings. Assumes forward split which has been approved and is effective at closing of offering. Invest Now. Overview What we do. Founded in Revenue Sources Media. Expanding Legalization of Cannabis.

Market Growth. Market Capitalization. Legalization Support. Legal States. Join Our Community of Investors Today! Operations How We Generate Revenue. Digital Publishing HighTimes. Green Rush Daily High Times reached an exclusive agreement to manage all online advertising sales for Green Rush Daily, an online publication providing daily news and business information relating to the cannabis sector, including guides, strain and product reviews, and health news.

Growth High Times Moving Forward. What's in it for me? The most trusted and recognizable brand in the cannabis industry. Meet the Team. Read More. He also has a strong background in mergers and acquisitions, and knowledge of SOX requirements. He has good banking relationships which have allowed him to structure and negotiate transactions and favorable terms with commercial and investment banks.

Sameen has previously produced festivals including Austin City Limits and Life is Beautiful for over a decade. She has a masters in finance from Columbia University. Regis spa division. Along with being a huge fan of the New York Football Giants and a former fencer, she loves to travel and use all of the 6 languages learned over the years.

Colin Conway Since October , Mr. Eleanora Kennedy Eleanora Kennedy has been on the board of High Times for the past four decades and has been a consultant to the company for just as long. Additionally, she is a published writer and accomplished interior designer. She is known for her charitable causes and is a board member of the Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He is responsible for driving a charitable program in conjunction with the department of Veterans Affairs to supply socks to homeless veterans across the United States.

In this position, he was responsible for negotiating distribution deals and managing relationships with partners on behalf of Sony for acquisitions, programming, marketing and operations for Sony's digital video services in the US, Canada and Australia. David is a native of Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and son.

A forward stock split increases the overall number of shares a shareholder owns by giving everyone an equivalent number of shares. If you owned 9 shares previously, you will own 99 shares after the forward stock split, with the same overall dollar value.

A subscription agreement is a legal contract between you and High Times to purchase shares. This purchase of stock is a one-time event. No recurring payments will be withdrawn from you. Funds from this offering are being used for continued corporate operations, growth, and expansion. However, there is no guarantee that we will be successful in obtaining an exchange listing. After escrow closes, the shares will be issued to you via V-Stock, our transfer agent.

At that point, you can transfer them to your brokerage account or have them delivered to you.

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