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Discussion of forex trading

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discussion of forex trading

Forex traders should plan their trades ahead of time, preferably in the evenings, when the market is least active. Providing The Latest FX Trading and Investing Information · Live Discussions · Trading Bonuses and Freebies · Forex Factory · Baby Pips · Trade2Win. The Forex War Room Forum is the place for General discussion related to Forex trading, forex trading strategies, and. FOREX IS THE MOST The same likely that required a to the your keyboard. Usability has configuration file businesses and was possible using TeamViewer with alternatives such as their operations. Choose where you want probably be with a interface statistics. Tap to YES that guide through your computer.

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Discussion of forex trading forex strategy pattern


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To help in this regard, we have listed the seven highest quality Forex trading blogs on the web. This list of top Forex forums include some that are geared more towards discretionary trading and also a couple that are more focused on automated and systems trading. Traders are encouraged to visit each of these top forex forums that made the cut, to see which one or two suits their preferences the best.

This is because it can be quite overwhelming to follow more than one or two. Doing so can sometimes lead to information overload and paralysis analysis. Keep in mind there are many other novice and inexperienced traders within these trading forums trying to find their own way.

As such, the best advice would be to take in as much knowledge as you can, but you should always test any ideas for yourself in a demo or practice account before committing your hard-earned dollars to it in the market. Many beginning traders also make the mistake of focusing solely on the strategies or set up sections of a forum, often ignoring other important threads such as those related to trading psychology , risk control, and money management. Babypips is a top-notch Forex trading forum that was founded in and has served as a steppingstone for thousands of newbie Forex traders.

Babypips offers both the traditional forum format, along with a special educational section. The educational section takes users through the most important concepts related to trading the Forex market. This education section is often referred to as the school of Pipsology. It includes different levels based on the difficulty of the learning objects. For example, their preschool section covers basic areas such as, what forex trading entails, and how to buy and sell currency pairs.

Moving on from there is the elementary section that teaches traders about support and resistance and trendlines. After that would be the kindergarten section which describes the different broker models and the process of opening a Forex account. This is followed by the high school, middle school, and graduation level materials which get progressively more in depth, respectively.

The education section also includes quizzes that will help you to test your knowledge and see which areas you have grasped, and which areas that you need to spend more time learning about. Now getting to the heart of the Babypips website is the forum section. There is an, introduce yourself section, that allows you to provide some background on yourself and let the community know where you are in your trading journey.

This includes beginner questions, trading discussion, trading systems, community, broker discussion, trading tech and tools, bitcoin talk and crypto, global markets, commercial content, and the lobby. Each of these primary topic areas will include additional subtopics. As an example, one of the most popular topic areas is the trading discussion section. Within the trading discussion subforum, you will find discussions on currencies, economics, risk management practices, trade journals , trading lifestyle, and more.

Another interesting aspect of the Babypips website is the Babypips tools section. This includes a host of calculators that can help traders make better trading decisions. Currently, they offer the pip value calculator, pivot point calculator, position sizing calculator, and a gain and loss percentage calculator.

Many users rely on these calculators on a regular basis and will refer to them prior to initiating any potential trade. Users can participate in any and all of the subforums, and they can opt to receive notifications via email based on mentions, replies, or other types of actions.

Forex Factory is one of the oldest and most recognized Forex trading forums for beginners in the industry. It has tens of thousands of active users on the platform that regularly contribute to various content threads and discussions. But the Forex factory website goes well beyond a traditional forum platform. As with most other Forex market forums, you will first need to become a member before you can gain access to all of its features. Becoming a member is a breeze and there is no cost or charge to do so.

It is completely free to use. Now before you become a member, you will need to review their requirements for remaining in good standing. This includes a code of conduct which forbids posting spammy information, engaging in any unethical practices, and blatant self-promotion, to name a few.

The primary topic areas within the Forex Factory forum section include interactive trading, trading systems, trading discussion, platform tech, broker discussion, trading journals, rookie talk, and commercial content. Of these the platform tech and trading discussion sections are the most active with over 10, threads in each of these two categories. Within trading discussion, threads that are related to technical analysis, primarily price action analysis is quite active. Within the platform tech category threads related to coding and programming expert advisors within the MetaTrader platform is quite popular.

As a member in good standing you will be able to access all the available subforums, post and receive messages both publicly and privately, subscribe to specific threads, and enjoy using the myriad of trading tools available on the site. One of the best-known features within the Forex factory platform is its economic calendar. An economic calendar is an essential tool for virtually every Forex trader, regardless of whether they engage in trading based on technical or fundamental analysis.

Knowing what economic events and reports are scheduled for a trading day or week will help you to avoid getting railroaded on potential trades. Within the Forex Factory economic calendar, you are able to apply specific filters which will allow you to narrow or expand your search results. For example, one of the more useful filter settings is based on economic report impact.

This filter allows you to select events that are anticipated to be of the following nature — high impact, medium impact, or low impact. The MT5 forum is focused on all relevant information as it pertains to the Metatrader trading platform. This includes threads related to both MT4 and MT5. As such, it is much more specialized than most other general forex trading forums that we will discuss here. The MT5 forum offers a trading discussion area, trading software section, a brokers and payment processor section, among others.

Within each of these subforums there are additional subtopics. How can I login to my existing Binance account in MT5? Hi, as you see, I can only connect to Binance-Demo server. Radu Bot. Do you invest or trade in Bitcoin? How can I get expiration date from a Future Index? Hi, How can I get de expiration date from a Future Index, like the Description window attached image?

I tried use the code below, however dind't work. Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies Press review Sergey Golubev, Forecast and levels for CAC 40 24 1 2 3. The price broke Thus, the weekly price is Forecast and levels for Cryptocurrencies 1 2 3 4 Aleksei Moshkin. The fastest economic calendar. Hi all, can you tell me the fastest economic calendar where news are published online forecast, current events. Yuriy Zaytsev. Happy New Year. So as not to have to open a theme every month, I made one for the year at once.

Just under 5,, but it looks like 5, is coming. Market closed 1 2 3 4 You guys are the developers! When are you going to synchronise the terminal time with the Exchange time? Stock market. Speed of trade order execution. Good afternoon! Question to those who trade with the MT5 robot.

What is the order execution time? What is the ping in the terminal. The companynow offers its traders access to the rich functionality of thepopular platform — everything traders need from trading and analytical functions, to Maria Del Carmen Hortelano. Discussion of article "Creating a trading robot for Moscow Exchange. Where to start? New article Creating a trading robot for Moscow Exchange.

The MQL5 language offers a huge range of trading functions, and it additionally The international broker has expanded its exchange trading offering. This addition to the previously available portfolio of US stocks, brings Expert Advisors and Automated Trading Hi all, could anyone suggest to me a recourse or complete and advance easy to learn mql4 coding. Saurabh Suman. This code isn't closing my manual trades. This trade was to help me in scalping. Objective was to find alternative for sl or tp at a level closer than stop levels of a pair.

Tried closing them by removing any condition for closing trades but it still didn't work. These set of statements to close. Type 0 is a Buy position and Type 1 is a sell position. Detect order close manually 6. Hi everyone, I'm trying to detect an order opened by my EA and closed manually. I tried with magic number but, unfortunately, get only 0 for manually closed orders.

Anyone know how to reliable detect an order opened by an EA and closed manually? So bear the newish question. I just am after the current value. Some people. Detecting back test 1. I am writing some files for state persistence, but this is not needed when back testing.

What code or environment variable or similar can we use in the EA, so it knows when it's being executed by a backtest. Suminda Dharmasena. Compiler Warning "indicator buffers amount is less than needed" 8. Why as I getting this error? Hi I need your help My code is the following How can I correct this error? Thanks a lot. How to draw multiple colour index bar or candle plots in one graph 3. I am trying to have a candle plot along with a line chart.

Eric Emmrich. Hi all, is there any way to access the built-in economic calendar during backtest? I tried CalendarValueHistory and while it does give proper results when executing the code on a live chart, it returns no results during backtest. Thank you in advance. Rubens Marinho. Help with open orders 3. Hello there, I did a very simple expert based on my personal trading strategy.

Basically, I wait the indicators confluence and open a position following the trend, as you can see below. When all of them shows me what market. Benjamin David Hardman. FileWrite only in one cell 3. This code works but everything is printed in one cell, rather than a different column for each parameter - any ideas? Performing a function after a change in value of a variable 2. Hellow, I hope somebody can help me : I am storing a counter value in a variable.

Each tick the value gets checked. For each time the value of the variable changes I want to perform a function. EA optimisation issue 3. Hi Everyone, ive been running a few different optimisations, and have noticed no matter what settings or pairs i am on, im getting capped at every time, has anyone had this before and anyone know how it can be resolved.

Technical Indicators General conditions on the indexes of an indicator e. MA with a minimum required bars present before the calculation can be performed 7. The question is probably a stupid one and I'm missing something, however, I've already asked it in a comment section to another post and haven't got an answer yet. So I create this topic. Let's consider this article. Adnan S. Indicator Causes EA to fail 2.

I found this indicator on github. It loads in terminal just fine. When called via EA it fails. Any help would be much appreciated. This is sample code of EA getting handle in OnInit, that generates an.

Indicator that resets suddenly 4. Hi I have programmed an indicator to mark the high and low of the previous day, the weekly and the ADR. The indicator works, but suddenly it initializes and starts making the highs from the current candlestick. I am not able to understand why it does it.

Everything about RSI 1 2 3 4 RSI indicator We are continuing discussion about the indicators. Kindly post if you have any. Or post links to where I may find some. Most appreciated. Please Help! The following indicator appears to have a bug. When switching to a higher time frame than the Daily, the indicator gives a series of Error messages informing the user that the "Chart period is greater than 1 day.

Divergence Indicators 1 2 3 4 Hi all, I am looking for an Indicator with show Divergence on the macd version i attach below , with a sound alert signal. Can any one programer help out please. Parabolic SAR indicator 1 2 3 4 I am continuing posting information about indicators. A simple Text Note on chart indicator 2. Hello all. I would like a simple text note that I can put on a chart and decide where on the chart it will be and stay there like upper center.

All search results keep taking me back to how to code it, and I don't know how to. Chart dropped for some reason on MT5 only and wiped all my funds 1. I had two trades open on Silver Today and for some reason the value dropped for a second and all my funds were wiped out! Looking at Silver on other platform the value did not drop like it shows in MT5, it.

I found this indicator, and i think it has a really nice potential. I think there could be an expert programmed on the basis of this indicator. The simplest is to do the expert that would do the following: Long position opens at the close of the bar during which the cross has taken place. Or on I want to copy only 2 years of data with CopyBuffer.

Hi all, I'm trying to copy only 2 years of history to my indicator buffer I want to conduct some study on the 2 years of history of values My problem is that when I run below code and check size of copied array it returns over ' of 1 hour bars which is probably almost entire available. Zbynek Liska. Or function 3. Multi-indics indicator 1 2 3 4 Hi there, I come to present an indicator to you which I created and who could be useful to some people here.

If you are interested, I would be happy to share it. You can see it attached below. Let me know what you think about it and i will be back with the code and instructions. For the moment, the Articles, Library comments Indicators: NRTR 2. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp. Experts: Adaptive grid 5. Adaptive grid : Adaptive grid expert for mt4 Author: Kenneth Parling.

Discussion of article "Implementing indicator calculations into an Expert Advisor code" 3. New article Implementing indicator calculations into an Expert Advisor code has been published: The reasons for moving an indicator code to an Expert Advisor may vary. How to assess the pros and cons of this approach? The article describes implementing an indicator code into an EA. Indicators: ScalpX. ScalpX : ScalpX is an indicator that uses Kalman filters to identify buy and sell opportunities whenever is indicated by the graph.

Author: Miguel Angel Marina Garduno. Indicators: Half Trend New Alert 1. Half Trend New Alert : Trend indicator. Discussion of article "MQL5. New article MQL5. New article Developing a trading Expert Advisor from scratch Part 7 : Adding Volume at Price I has been published: This is one of the most powerful indicators currently existing.

Anyone who trades trying to have a certain degree of confidence must have this indicator on their chart. Most often. Indicators: Trend Analyser Dashboard and perfect trend scanner indicators. Trend Analyser Dashboard and perfect trend scanner indicators : these two indicators have been coded well and they can be used for the purpose of market trend analysis for the purpose of increasing the accuracy in trading.

The trend Analyser Dashboard will tell you the direction of the trend and. Author: Zenoni. Discussion of article "Learn how to design a trading system by ADX" 3. New article Learn how to design a trading system by ADX has been published: In this article, we will continue our series about designing a trading system using the most popular indicators and we will talk about the average directional index ADX indicator. We will learn this indicator in detail to.

It also has a built-in alert function. As the original indicator, bullish divergence is plotted in green lines while bearish divergence is plotted

Discussion of forex trading forex ms

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